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Taverna – Hotel Newsletter

Free HTML Email Template

Transform the way you engage with your guests and keep them in the loop with Taverna’s meticulously crafted hotel newsletter template. As a hotel owner, we understand the importance of a polished image and seamless guest experience. And that’s where our product steps in – to elevate your communications with a blend of style and functionality that’s unmatched.

Effortless elegance in every email

The Taverna hotel newsletter begins with a free download, offering a taste of the understated elegance that defines your hotel’s brand. Our custom-coded HTML email template is the canvas for your hotel’s voice, offering a tailor-made solution to stand out in the crowded inboxes.
The mobile-responsive design ensures that your newsletters adapt to any device, maintaining that vital first impression on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. After all, your brand is everywhere your guest is – and we’ve made sure you look exceptional, no matter the screen.

Broad compatibility, lasting impact

Designed and tested on 40 email clients, the Taverna template guarantees that your message reaches its audience without a hitch. Say goodbye to formatting issues and varied displays – hello to a smooth, engaging reader experience.
Our Plain HTML version is perfect for those who prefer coding from scratch. If you’re on Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor, integrate seamlessly with the pre-designed templates we offer, tailor-made to ensure your creativity doesn’t get lost in translation.

Campaign-ready in minutes

With Taverna, you can be sure your message is ready to hit send in record time. The custom-designed template panel within your chosen platform means you spend less time fiddling with settings and more time crafting the perfect email.
Your hotel’s story deserves more than just a glance. It’s time to engage your guests with newsletters that keep them coming back. Taverna – where design meets engagement, all with a single click.

Unveil the power of professional communication with Taverna today. It’s not just about sending an email – it’s about making an impression.

  • Free Download
  • Hotel Newsletter
  • Custom-Coded HTML Email Template
  • Mobile-Responsive
  • Tested on 40 Email Clients
  • Plain HTML version
  • Mailchimp version
  • Campaign Monitor version

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