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How To Use Transactional Emails For Marketing: 5 Ways That Work

Transactional emails are not usually a part of a marketing team’s arsenal. Emails sent as part of a user’s registration process or order confirmation are viewed as legal compliance and not really seen as a platform to market your business. Yet, there is a lot of merit in using transactional emails for…

How to Upload and Set Up Custom Campaign Monitor HTML Template

How to upload and edit a custom Campaign Monitor HTML email template

Campaign Monitor is one of the most popular platforms out there and uploading a custom HTML email template is incredibly easy. Today we will show you what you need to do to in just a few simple steps. There are 3 ways to create an email template using the Campaign Monitor platform. Start…


6 Copywriting Tips for Convincing Emails

All those people out there who are trying to increase their sales, make people click on their ads, and just improve conversion rate from their emails should know about the few main things about the how their email copywriting game can be improved. This article is going to do just that, let’s…


7 High-Impact Hacks to Get More from Your Email Campaign

Part of creating the perfect creative content marketing plan involves analyzing trends and embarking on an email campaign that guarantees your brand will be on the forefront of your audience’s mind. When snail mail was the norm, receiving a single email used to send a surge of adrenaline through our bodies. Nowadays,…


Welcome Email Series – All You Need To Know

Much like meeting someone new, first impressions can make a big difference in email marketing. In this day and age of ever changing technology and social media, capturing the people’s attention, and more importantly keeping it, can be quite challenging. You’ve managed to win them over as a subscriber, but there is…


How Your Email Campaigns Can Benefit from A/B Testing

If you are a marketing expert or running your own online business, you probably already know that your email list is worth its weight in gold. However, while having lots of subscribers is great, it’s only half the battle, because you still want people to open your emails, click through, and most…


9 Need-to-Know Tips to Proofread Emails Like a Professional

Ask any writer, and they’ll all tell you that they’re least favourite part of writing is proofreading. After all, you’re only going over the content you’ve already written with the aim of criticising the mistakes that you’ve made. However, when it comes to writing emails, clear and precise communication is essential which…


HTML Email Design: 10 Golden Rules You Should Follow

HTML email design gives you the freedom to experiment. It also increases your chances to get noticed with an attention-grabbing email design. People love visuals, indeed. So, if you bet on HTML email design, you will certainly make your campaigns look more attractive. While you escape the boring text-only messages, there are…


25+ Beautifully Designed Transactional Emails for Inspiration

Transactional emails are often confused with email messages containing information about purchases and orders. Such emails might be transactional indeed but this is not what is meant by the term. Transactional emails are those automated email which get triggered by a certain action such as: When a user signs up, they receive…


25 Email Marketing Tips That Boost Your Online Engagement

If you don’t consider email marketing to be an important part of your strategy, you are definitely missing a lot of opportunities. Creating an email list and marketing your products/services through it is probably the best thing you can do for your company’s growth. Email marketing is one of the most effective…