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Email Marketing

Introduction to email marketing, email template upload, campaign set up and more.

  • How to work with email design editors
  • Set up and launch your first email marketing campaign
  • Pros and cons of the most popular ESPs
  • Email Marketing best practices
  • Discuss your email marketing needs with a dedicated expert

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    Bespoke step by step email marketing assistance

    • Graphic email editors

      Custom email template designs editors may sometimes feel a bit intimidating. Let us guide you through the process of email template setup and show you how to add/remove/switch sections, texts, headers and images.

    • Launching your first campaign

      We’ll set up your first few email campaigns and guide you through the process of email template upload, set up, recipient list import and reveal the secrets of the most enticing subject lines.

    • ESPs pros and cons

      Email Service Providers (ESPs) are (usually web based) platforms which allow you to send out your email marketing campaigns. We will discuss your email marketing needs (audience size, campaign frequency, budget, etc) with you and pick up an ESP to fit your needs best.

    • Best practices

      As with any digital marketing field, email marketing has its best practices and some black hat tricks that is better to avoid. We’ll reveal these for you and help you to get the maximum of your email marketing efforts.

    • A dedicated consultant

      A dedicated email marketing specialist will be on your disposal to answer all your questions and help you to plan and execute a consistent and successful email marketing campaign.

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