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Build Your Audience with Marketo Email Marketing

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This article was last updated on March 8, 2023

Without a doubt, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to create a personal connection with your audience while raising brand awareness and increasing your revenue. Not only does email marketing increase your return on investment, but 51% of customers also prefer when brands contact them through email.

However, creating a successful email marketing campaign requires a significant amount of time. First, you’ll need to select an email platform — like Marketo. Then, you will need to craft eye-catching email templates for your brand, all while managing each aspect from strategy and copy to actually sending out your campaign.

This can be a lot to handle. Fortunately, experienced email template designers can create custom Marketo templates for you brand, helping you take the stress out of creating beautiful campaigns. With a stunning layout and all the perks of Marketo email marketing, it’s a short path to success. Read on to learn how Marketo can empower your marketing and help build your audience exponentially.


The Benefits of Engaging Email Marketing

As the Internet evolves, consumers’ attention spans are shortening, and audiences only direct their attention towards relevant advertisements. While this may not seem like a big deal, sending email marketing campaigns that do not align with your target audience’s needs increase the likelihood that your emails will be marked as spam.

The ability to create engaging, relevant email marketing campaigns plays a significant role in the overall success of your brand. Combining a well-crafted campaign with segmentation and eye-catching email design allows you to develop a lasting, personalized relationship with your customers.

When it comes to effective email campaigns, marketing automation can help your brand reap the benefits with minimal effort. Marketing automation takes the time-consuming effort out of repetitive tasks. You may be familiar with the use of marketing automation solutions in chatbots and social media marketing, but it also has astronomical potential in the realm of automated email campaigns. And according to Moonsend, companies that used marketing automation outperformed 63% of competitors.


Why Marketo Is the Prime Choice for Email Automation

Since Marketo’s conception in 2006, it’s easy to see why this platform has grown exponentially worldwide with more than 100,000 users. Marketo simplifies the email automation process, making it easy to expand the scope of your brand like never before.

The most significant benefit of Marketo’s email marketing automation is the improved efficiency that it allows. In the time that you save on email management, you can direct your energy towards other necessary tasks for the expansion of your brand. Plus, email automation enables you to improve your user experience by automating prompt, professional messages to meet their every need — from payment reminders and abandoned cart emails to promotional emails, inquiry responses, event announcements, and more.

With Marketo, the email automation process is simplified. You can easily predefine actions that will trigger the sending of an email, or use Marketo’s drag-and-drop interface to create landing pages that allow you to access critical customer data. To manage your campaigns and benefit from valuable audience insights, Marketo is an excellent platform to consider.

Curious to see what Marketo can do? Check out the examples of Marketo email marketing templates below.




Marketo Email Marketing Examples


1. The SoFi Group

If you’re interested in letting your Marketo subscribers know about new deals, why not try a promotional email campaign? The reuseable email marketing campaign below for The SoFi Group features a reusable template that promotes real estate investment opportunities for eager subscribers.

From the moment subscribers open their latest promo email, they’ll see an incredible investment opportunity, complete with the most relevant information readily available to them. The light blue promotes feelings of reliability and trust in subscribers while supporting the brand’s conservative image. It’s only natural that expert email template designers closed the email with several calls to action, along with contact information. With a reusable email template like this, your click-through rate is sure to increase!


2. Playground FM

From professional to playful, professional email template designers can do it all with Marketo. The images used in this email marketing template for PlaygroundFM evoke the carefree spirit of their target audience. A clear introduction like “Welcome to the Playground” inspires subscribers to tune into the PlaygroundFM universe. As subscribers become immersed in the email and begin to scroll, they’ll see various opportunities to stream and subscribe. Furthermore, the strategic placement of text and images increases the overall readability of a text-heavy email marketing campaign. One thing is for sure — this PlaygroundFM email template provides an easy, reusable recipe for success.


3. Tinder

For many people, music and romance intertwine, so it made perfect sense for Tinder to capitalize on this with a dreamy, romantic email marketing template. Subscribers will feel the love immediately when they open the email below. This whimsical color palette is sure to warm your heart, and with a bold, clear call to action, subscribers will understand the purpose and value of this email marketing campaign at a moment’s glance.
Although many brands struggle to harness subscribers’ short attention spans, a clear, well-laid-out template like this is sure to entice your target audience. In addition, the use of video content in this Tinder template makes for engaging campaigns that will keep subscribers entertained.


Develop Your Marketo Email Templates with MailBakery

Ready to get started with Marketo? Get your brand off on the right foot with professional, custom-built Marketo templates for well-designed emails that pop.

At MailBakery, we’ve whipped up thousands of email templates. Many of our clients have already experienced the benefits of Marketo firsthand, and the list just keeps on growing. Our personalized, hand-coded templates are developed to support your brand’s image, expand your email list, and drive sales.

Lucky for you, these designs are also editable, reusable, and mobile responsive. We make it easy for you to begin using Marketo, with the option to import and integrate your account.

Let us do the heavy lifting. Focus on the other aspects of your brand while MailBakery crafts your eye-catching email campaigns. We partner with your business to design and code jaw-dropping, brand-specific email templates that are sure to convert.

Want to create something great on Marketo or another email platform? Contact our team today, and let’s work together to cook up the campaign of your dreams.