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Put your best finger forward - Sales Copywrite Tips

Put your best finger forward – sales copywriting tips

When it comes to writing sales copy, we have but two primary goals: get them to read this and get them to buy that (or click that, depending on the business). Much depends on the kind of copy you write, be it email, blog, content page, or anything else that comes your…


9 best email marketing services you need to convert a B2B client

We decided to offer up this blog topic in two ways because there are certain variables with business to business (B2B) marketing that exist that use marketing in different ways. Two kinds of email lists in play One list serves as hoarding of contacts. The list may generate contacts from the use…

Comics Issue 6 – April Fool's Day_header

The MailBakery Comics Issue #6 – April Fool’s Day

It is April and our dear friends Mail and Bakey show no lack of imagination when it comes to tricking each other. Although most of their pranks are just harmless, little tricks some of them might be pretty frustrating. When they finally meet at the end of the day and prank each other…

Comics Issue 5 A Rainy Adventure Header

The MailBakery Comics Issue #5 – A Rainy Adventure

With seasons changing, our two brave heroes are facing yet another challenge from the Mother Nature. The lack of preparation is compensated by their quick creativity, which help them save the day. And what a day it was… wet wet wet.  

Comics Issue Number 4 - A Winter Story

The MailBakery Comics Issue #4 – A Winter Story

It is a cold, January day and Mail needs to go out and collect some woods for the fire, but finds himself caught in a winter storm. No worries though. Bakey won’t leave her friend out alone in the blizzard for too long.

2015 in numbers

MailBakery by the Numbers 2015

With the infographic “MailBakery by the Numbers 2015” we share some insights on our work during the past year and list the most important statistics on the 1,500+ projects we completed in 2015. A quick look on the infographic will give you such details about the projects we completed in 2015, as…

The MailBakery Comics Issue 2

The MailBakery Comics Issue #2 – Mail Wins with Style

The adventures of Mail and Bakey continue! In the second issue of our web comics series, Mail the pigeon has the very important job of delivering an urgent newsletter to a customer on time. There is no obstacle too big for our brave feathered friend. He will stop at nothing to get the…

The MailBakery Comic - Issue 1

The MailBakery Comics Issue #1 – Mail and Bakey Enter the Scene

The talented team at MailBakery is not tasked exclusively with email templates. We’ve been afforded the creative freedom to create a series of short web comics for your entertainment. They will all be written by us, hand drawn by our in-house designers, and released on a regular basis.

The MailBakery Partner Program

The MailBakery Partner Program

The team at MailBakery is very excited to introduce a brand new service geared towards design, marketing and advertising agencies – The MailBakery Partner Program! If you’re looking for a reliable partner for your HTML email projects, we will be more than happy to work with you.