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Make Customers Feel Valued with a Grateful Thanksgiving Email

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Turkey Day is on its way, and it’s time to prime your subscribers for the biggest shopping season of the year. Use this chance to show your audience members that you’re grateful for them and reel in new ones who are looking for a Thanksgiving deal. 40% of holiday spending occurs over this weekend of feasts, friends, and family, so ease your subscribers into the holiday season with a great email marketing campaign.

There are endless ways to express gratitude to your subscribers, give back to a worthy cause, and supply your customers with helpful information during the holidays. Are you ready for your best Thanksgiving email marketing campaign to date? Let’s dive in!


Quick Tips for Your Thanksgiving Email Campaign

Quick Tips for Your Thanksgiving Email Campaign

While you may have a few loyal subscribers that read every campaign, most are inundated with so many daily emails that it’s all too easy for your messages to go overlooked. You’ll need to implement a careful strategy to stand out and increase your open rate. When you’re creating the basics of your Thanksgiving email campaign, keep the following in mind:


  • Start with a snazzy subject line. Many of your subscribers will receive a flood of Thanksgiving email campaigns from competing brands around this time of year. To stand out, choosing the right subject line should be your first step to creating an effective email marketing campaign. Keep your subject lines short, sweet, and creative for the best results.
  • Segment your email campaign. Content personalization is key to increasing your click-through rate. It’s no longer effective to send the same email to subscribers with different values, interests, and personalities. Create several versions of your holiday email and segment your audience based on specific demographics to achieve a Thanksgiving email campaign that resonates with every customer.
  • Optimize your campaign for mobile use. Drastic global change has led to an increase in e-commerce in virtually every industry. While some people prefer to shop from their desktops, it is becoming increasingly common for people to complete purchases from their mobile devices. Ensure that your Thanksgiving email campaign is optimized for mobile use to increase conversions.
  • Send your email campaign at the right time. While the content of your email marketing campaign is of the utmost importance, so is the time at which you choose to send it. When planning the best time to send your email campaign, consider your target audience and what times they are most likely to check their email. Send your email marketing campaign at the right time and reap the rewards this holiday season!


Reward Loyal Customers

Reward Loyal Customers

Repeat clients are the backbone of a successful brand, so why not show your gratitude by giving them something in return for their loyalty? Consider ways that you can express your appreciation for your most loyal customers. Craft an email campaign with exclusive offers to show your customers how special they are to you. If you offer a rewards program, perhaps you could provide repeat customers with double reward points for holiday purchases.

At this time of year, many of your customers are likely most concerned about enjoying a relaxing Thanksgiving meal or spending time with family and friends. So consider giving them extra time to redeem a special promotion in your email marketing campaign. If it suits your brand, you could also offer repeat customers a percentage off of their next purchase as a token of appreciation. Anthropologie provides an excellent example. They decided to show gratitude to their subscribers by offering them a discount in the Thanksgiving email campaign below.

Example of Thanksgiving Email by Athropologie

Anthropologie decided to make their Thanksgiving email campaign fun and engaging by using touches of animation. Incorporating animation into your Thanksgiving campaign is an excellent way to make your offer seem dynamic and enticing. If it suits your brand, consider using cheerful copy and playful visuals to your email campaign. The average shopper spends about $361.90 over Thanksgiving weekend, and 23% of shoppers prefer to begin shopping before the big day itself. Make things extra tempting for your subscribers this year by offering them a percentage off of their purchase.


Give Back This Thanksgiving

Give Back

If there is a charitable cause that is close to your heart and in alignment with your brand, Thanksgiving is the prime time to show your subscribers how much you care. Let your subscribers know which causes you to support, and they’ll be happy to help your brand in return. Brands that are genuinely caring and charitable experience increased brand loyalty. Consumers are 85% more likely to purchase from a brand associated with charity, so give back and reap the rewards this holiday season.

Email is a perfect medium to share your generosity by creating a charitable campaign that shows how you’re giving back to the community for the holidays. In addition, it’s an excellent way to demonstrate your gratitude for all that your company has accomplished. Depending on your brand, you may choose to donate a percentage of your profits to local charities or raise awareness about a cause that’s close to your heart. The campaign below from Everlane demonstrates how they’re giving back for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Examply by Everlane for Thanksgiving Email

The genius of this campaign from Everlane lies in its simplicity. As you can see, not every Thanksgiving campaign requires orange hues and pumpkins to be effective. Their charitable email marketing campaign will improve their public image and help their brand build a sense of corporate social responsibility. Everlane’s demonstration of their generosity will also increase respect among subscribers while inspiring them to purchase more products in the name of giving back.


Share Tips for a Great Thanksgiving Day

Share Tips for a Great Thanksgiving Day

Although Thanksgiving is a fun time for food and family, many people are extremely busy around this time of year. Your subscribers are preoccupied with preparing meals, holiday shopping, and coordinating plans. Consider ways that your brand can help subscribers ease the pressure and offer them a little advice. If you can show how your brand can be of service, subscribers will remember that your campaign supplied them with useful information.

To increase brand awareness, you may choose to share recipe tips, gift suggestions, or entertainment ideas that the whole family can enjoy together. Brooks Brothers perfectly executed this objective with this Thanksgiving message. Their Thanksgiving email campaign is primed to increase their click-through rate by offering a show-stopping pumpkin pie recipe.

Thanksgiving Email Example by Brooks Brothers

The elegant swirling white text and expertly executed photography of this email marketing campaign get subscribers in the holiday spirit. What makes this Brooks Brothers campaign so special is the fact that they offer helpful tips that aren’t related to their brand. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your Thanksgiving email campaign and offer useful advice that can help your subscribers. They’re certain to remember your brand for providing their lives with extra value.




Now you’re primed and ready to create your most fruitful Thanksgiving campaign yet! But if you need a little help creating an email campaign that’s sure to convert, our team at MailBakery is excited to help. At MailBakery, we specialize in creating gorgeous, brand-specific email templates that can increase brand awareness, uphold your brand’s image, and drive sales.

Are you ready to create something incredible this holiday season? Just contact our team today, and let’s get in the kitchen!