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Crafting The Perfect Invitation Email: 30 Event Email Examples

Reading Time: 11 minutes Imagine you have some event or something that should attract a lot of attention. A special offer or a new office that you will open quite soon. What is the best thing to do? Spread the word, of course. But attracting the right kind of customers requires something more than just offering…


5 Email Design Best Practices for Campaigns That Perform

Reading Time: 5 minutes The aesthetics of your email marketing campaign have a tremendous impact on your brand’s image and the subsequent action that your subscribers take when they open your email. The bottom line is that humans are naturally attracted to beautiful imagery, emails included. However, the key to an effective email marketing campaign is…


Make Customers Feel Valued with a Grateful Thanksgiving Email

Reading Time: 6 minutes Turkey Day is on its way, and it’s time to prime your subscribers for the biggest shopping season of the year. Use this chance to show your audience members that you’re grateful for them and reel in new ones who are looking for a Thanksgiving deal. 40% of holiday spending occurs over…


6 Advanced Tips for Dark Mode in Email Design

Reading Time: 6 minutes Dark mode may seem like a trend, but its continuous presence in software and email marketing lets us know that it is here to stay. A 2019 study by Polar revealed that 95% of people prefer dark mode. That is because there are perceived benefits to toggling on dark mode. It is…


Tips for Writing Better Email Marketing Copy

Reading Time: 5 minutes Capturing a customer’s attention is hard. You dedicate hours of time and creative energy to trying to create the perfect email, only for your customer to discard your email and click-through rate tanks. What if you could write an email marketing copy that was not only clean, clever, and captivating, but also…

Put your best finger forward - Sales Copywrite Tips

Put your best finger forward – sales copywriting tips

Reading Time: 5 minutes When it comes to writing sales copy, we have but two primary goals: get them to read this and get them to buy that (or click that, depending on the business). Much depends on the kind of copy you write, be it email, blog, content page, or anything else that comes your…