27 Ecommerce Email Templates

27 Awesome eCommerce Email Template Examples to Inspire Your Email Designs

In case you already enjoyed our 22 Excellent eCommerce Email Templates collection, here’s its sequel 27 Awesome eCommerce Email Templates. The strength of ecommerce emails grows as online shopping and mobile internet consumption reach new highs every year. Internetretailer.com reported that U.S. e-commerce grew 14.6% in 2015, reaching $341.7 billion in online sales. Mobile internet, on another…

25 Examples of Sportswear Brands' Email Marketing - Header

25 Examples of Sportswear Brands’ Marketing Emails

Ever wondering what the marketing emails of your favourite sportswear brands look like? Well, we did. That is why we put together a list of 25 examples of our favourite sportswear brands’ emails. We all love these brands for their products, but these global corporations hire some of the best marketing teams…

25 examples of transactional emails

25 Excellent Examples of Transactional HTML Emails

If you run a website or a blog, chances are you are using transactional emails to notify your users when they sign up for your service, place an order or to remind them for abandoned cart. The transactional emails are different from standard marketing emails in terms of both content and design. So, to help…

Illustrations in Email Marketing

21 Creative Examples of Illustration Graphics Used in Email Newsletter Designs

Email newsletters are a great way for building your relationship with subscribers. If they’re interesting and creative enough, they will make subscribers come back to your website. This is why your email needs to capture the attention of the reader right away to avoid being deleted or never be read. A good…

22 Excellent eCommerce Email Templates Examples

22 Excellent eCommerce Email Templates Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

In this day and age of social media takeover, having an eye-catching and informative email newsletter is vital for any company – big or small. Why use ecommerce email templates? Ecommerce email templates are cost effective, they increase brand awareness and they can be very easy to edit and use. We have…