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4 Ways to Customize Email Campaign Designs for Different Audiences

Reading Time: 6 minutes Everyone has unique interests, lifestyles, and preferences, so why not customize email campaigns for all your subscribers? Email personalization has the power to increase your open and click-through rates, so you don’t want to miss out. In fact, studies have shown when you customize your email marketing campaign’s subject line, the email…


Boost Post-Holiday Sales with a Happy New Year Email Campaign

Reading Time: 5 minutes New Year, new email marketing campaign! There’s no need to let the post-holiday season slow down your brand’s sales. Even though many major holidays have come to a close by January 1st, that just means consumers become interested in shopping for themselves rather than purchasing presents for other people. Get each new…


7 Hot Email Design Trends for 2022

Reading Time: 6 minutes These days, trends come and go so quickly that it can be difficult for brands to keep up. And just as fads evolve around social media, fashion, and technology, email marketing transforms as well. For marketing creatives, these changing tides mean a fresh source of inspiration, and email design trends for 2022…

Re-engagement email examples

12 Oustanding Re-Engagement Email Examples That Bring Back Customers

Reading Time: 8 minutes In this day and age, marketers are fighting an uphill battle to capture the attention of their audiences. With the amount of content being consumed on a daily basis exploding exponentially, it’s no wonder that almost half of consumers make a conscious effort not to engage with email. While it may not…

event email examples

Crafting The Perfect Invitation Email: 30 Event Email Examples

Reading Time: 11 minutes Imagine you have some event or something that should attract a lot of attention. A special offer or a new office that you will open quite soon. What is the best thing to do? Spread the word, of course. But attracting the right kind of customers requires something more than just offering…


How to Design Creative Emails: 4 Examples to Inspire You

Reading Time: 5 minutes When you’re in a rush to create email marketing campaigns, it can be challenging to maintain a sense of creativity. However, in an age where your subscribers are inundated with an average of 320 emails per day, you must continue to surprise them with innovative content. Once you have the right subject…

6 Irresistible Black Friday Emails For Your Campaign

6 Irresistible Black Friday Emails for Your Campaign

Reading Time: 6 minutes Everyone knows that after Thanksgiving comes the favorite day of bargain shoppers across the nation: Black Friday. Many customers are stocking up on presents for the holiday season or treating themselves to a purchase that they’ve had their eye on all year long. Online shopping has increased dramatically in the past year,…


5 Email Design Best Practices for Campaigns That Perform

Reading Time: 5 minutes The aesthetics of your email marketing campaign have a tremendous impact on your brand’s image and the subsequent action that your subscribers take when they open your email. The bottom line is that humans are naturally attracted to beautiful imagery, emails included. However, the key to an effective email marketing campaign is…


3 Halloween Email Subject Lines That Convince Customers to Trick-or-Treat Themselves

Reading Time: 6 minutes Spooky season is in full swing! People from all walks of life are decorating their haunted houses, deciding which costumes to wear, and buying sweets in bulk. But for marketers and business owners, there’s more to Halloween than dressing up as your favorite movie character and stuffing your face with candy. Halloween…


5 Fun and Creative Email Themes for Fall

Reading Time: 5 minutes One second, it’s summer, but before you know it, the leaves are turning burnt orange once more. The blistering heat begins to fade, and you can’t leave the house without noticing the faint smell of pumpkin spice. Autumn has arrived! Of course, every marketer and business owner knows that this popular season…