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Email Newsletter Ideas for November & Over 20 Examples

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This article was last updated on October 4, 2021

Looking for cool email newsletter ideas for November? We can help!

Even if November isn’t one of your favorite months, it may just become after you see how many options you have for creating amazing email newsletters and campaigns. The more the temperatures drop, the better the chances of your prospects to stay at home with a cup of hot tea checking out what you have to offer to boost their mood.

So, ready for some really good email newsletter ideas for November? Let’s begin!


The Fall

So, when it comes to email newsletter ideas for November, the first thing that comes to mind is the fall. And you don’t even have to offer seasonal products to devote your newsletter to the autumn. Check out a few awesome fall-themed email newsletter ideas for November.

Use clever wording.

Here is a marketing email by J.Crew that used a witty call-to-action button related to the fall: “This is un-be-leaf-able”.
JCREW fall email
Another inspirational example with a clever wording. This email by Ann Taylor uses the line “Fall for it!” as a direct reference to the fall season.
Ann Taylor fall email newsletter
You could also use catchy rhyming. A simple message that grabs the attention may be even more effective in provoking curiosity than a long informative message. The following example is by Anthropologie.
Anthropologie fall email


Promote seasonal products

November is the perfect month to promote your fall-winter products. No matter if it is clothing, shoes, accessories or any other kind of seasonal products, creating a November email campaign to promote them can significantly boost your sales. Here is an example by J.Crew.

Another example by the same brand shows products whose colors are directly associated with autumn. You could use this idea to promote other types of products in November that are not necessarily typical for the autumn, e.g. jewelry in autumn colors.


Fall-themed sales

Just to distinguish your fall sales from other sales throughout the year, design your email template around the autumn. Here is an example of Nordstrom that just used a photo of an autumn leaf to make an autumn-themed template.
Nordstrom email newsletter
Another option is to use a fall-themed illustrated pattern as a background, just like Loeffler Randall did here for their fall sale email campaign.
loeffler randall fall sale email
A cute fall-related animation can easily bring autumn vibes to your ordinary template and would almost always impress your recipients. The following example is by Loft.



And of course, when you think of email newsletter ideas for November, you cannot possibly skip Thanksgiving. The holiday is the perfect occasion to thank your subscribers for sticking by your side but it can also be the theme of other email marketing campaigns.


Say Thank You

Thanksgiving may be the best day of the year to express gratitude and give warm wishes to all your supporters. Here is a great example by Nasty Gal which used their products to personalize their template design.

You could also go with a beautiful autumn-themed illustrated email that looks like a greeting card. Here is an example by Anthropologie.



Tie your product to the holiday

Here is a great inspirational example by Casper. They connected their product to the holiday by reminding their recipients that a good Thanksgiving dinner should be continued with a good rest in bed.

If you can connect your product or service directly to the holiday, you should most definitely create an email newsletter campaign. Here is an example by Paperless post that connected their service to the holiday.


Promote your physical store

A great idea by Free People. They greeted their subscribers for Thanksgiving and kindly reminded them that they would be expecting them in their physical store early on the morning after.


Use tempting visuals

Every holiday can be used as a theme for a sale or promotion but Thanksgiving gives you an opportunity to awaken the senses of your recipients with tempting pictures of pies. Plus, you get the chance to depict the % off right on the pie, making the impact of the promotion even bigger. Here are a couple of awesome examples by J.Crew and The Limited.


Remind of the upcoming Black Friday

Black Friday is just a day after Thanksgiving, so you can combine these two occasions into one email template just like The Body Shop did.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday

From a marketing point of view, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are probably the two biggest events in November. These are the days that clients are naturally in a mood for shopping, so you should most definitely focus a significant portion of your marketing efforts towards these two events.


Use the element of surprise

Everybody loves surprises and everybody loves sales! Combine these two factors and voila – you have a great Black Friday email campaign in November. Check out this example by Forever 21.
Black Friday email by Forever 21
You can take the surprise even further by not revealing in the email what the actual discount is.


Be funny

Making your recipients smile is always a good tactic, as you’ve already melted the ice. Here is a cute joke made by J.Crew to promote their Cyber Monday sales: “Grab your mouse” accompanied with a picture of an actual mouse.


Merge Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The two events are just a couple of days apart, so you can merge them and create a campaign that lasts from Friday through Monday. Here is an inspirational example by Rockport.

Another example of two events merged into one campaign is by The White Company, promoting their sale through the whole weekend.


Focus on one event only

Sometimes focusing your efforts on just one event like Cyber Monday can be way more beneficial. A one-day sale campaign creates urgency which boosts the chances of your prospects buying from you. Here is a great example by Banana Republic.

And another one by Ann Taylor focusing just on Cyber Monday and creating an emergency in the call-to-action button copy.
Ann Taylor Cyber Monday email
Enjoy even more Black Friday Email Examples for Maximum Inspiration and Cyber Monday Email Inspiration: 15 Cyber-Good Examples.


To sum up,

November is a great month to boost your sales by using email marketing campaigns. We hope we’ve been helpful with these email newsletter ideas for November. If you’d like to share your own ideas, feel free to do so in the Comments below.