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abandoned cart email examples

10 Abandoned Cart Email Examples & 20 Insightful Tips To Win Your Clients Back

Looking for some abandoned cart email examples to help you craft your own campaign? We’ve put together 10 great abandoned cart email examples along with twice more insightful tips to help you not only nail your clients’ attention but to also motivate them finish their order. Abandonment happens quite often and it…


60+ Little Email Marketing Tips for Your Big Email Marketing Success

There’s not a single formula of email marketing success. We believe that it is built piece by piece, i.e. by putting little email marketing tips into action and see what works for you. We’ve put together more than 60 email marketing tips from professionals in the field. Some of these are must-haves for all…


What is Litmus Email Testing and What are the Alternatives?

No matter if you are an email developer, a marketer, a business owner, or an enthusiast who has ever heard of email testing, you’ve probably heard of Litmus – the leader among email testing software. Before stepping into what Litmus email testing is, let’s cover the basics first. Why is email testing important?…


Email Marketing Campaign Strategy: 8 Smart Tactics for High ROI

Is your email marketing campaign strategy not delivering the desired results? Today we’ll share with you 8 valuable tactics and plenty of tips that will help you shape your own email marketing campaign strategy with a high ROI. All of these tactics are based on real-life cases and they are proven to deliver results. Time…


Building Successful Email Marketing in 10 Steps: Beginner’s Guide

Want to build a successful email marketing but don’t know where to start? First impression matters and we are pretty sure that you want to get off on the right foot with your future subscribers. In this article we’ve outlined the 10 steps of putting the foundations and developing a strong, successful email marketing…


6 Popular Email Marketing Trends 2017: Expectations Vs Reality

The stakes for email marketing trends 2017 were set high by experts in the industry. Marketers have been predicting this year’s email marketing innovations since the last quarter of 2016. It was expected that this year would be big… real big for email marketing. With billions of emails sent and received daily (and…


50+ Email Marketing Campaign Ideas You Can Start Realizing Today

Have shortage of email marketing campaign ideas? Have a huge email database but can’t think of anything to send? We’ve got your back. In today’s post we will offer you over 50 email marketing campaign ideas that you can start realizing right now! Moreover, all of these ideas are tested and proven to generate results. So,…

email marketing campaign examples

25 Brilliant Email Marketing Campaign Examples From the Pros

Planning an email marketing campaign? We’ve put together 25 email marketing campaign examples that will surely inspire you for your own. Crafted by talented email marketing gurus, a lot of thought was put into these templates to turn them into result-generating machines. We’ve highlighted the strength of each campaign and we hope…