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10 Reliable Transactional Email Service Providers for 2017

Transactional emails are an essential part of every email marketer’s arsenal. These are the type of emails that get triggered by a certain action made by the user such as account creation, password reset, notifications for profile activity, etc. Transactional emails are usually expected and this is why they generate high open…


eCommerce Email Template Design: 6 Essential Elements

The eCommerce email template designs are a huge part of any brand’s email marketing. Besides the obligatory elements such as a subject line, a preview text, a header and a footer, the eCommerce email template design differentiates from other campaigns with a few must-have elements. We’ve outlined the 6 most important traits…


Email Design Brief: 10 Questions Every Designer Needs to Ask

Writing an email design brief is a must-have first step for every designer of email templates. Not only will such a brief give you valuable information about your client and their project but knowing such information from the very beginning will also save you tons of time later. This list is formulated…


28 Promotional Email Design Inspiration: How the Big Brands Do It

Promotional email campaigns are a very well known and ultra successful email marketing technique with the potential to generate a massive ROI. Professional designers know how make the best out of this type of campaigns, so today we’ve prepared a big portion of inspiration for you. A collection of promotional email designs…


35 Halloween Email Examples: Inspiration for Halloween Email Campaigns

Halloween is around the corner! And since you’ve landed here, you must have started planning your Halloween email marketing campaigns already. If anyone is still wondering why the Halloween buzz is so huge among brands, well… Holidays are the perfect time to get people into shopping mood and boost your sales. Luckily for…


Craft the Perfect Welcome Email: Beginners’ Guide + Examples

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” The author of this famous quote may be debatable but the meaning it carries is certainly not. First impression matters not only for people but for brands, as well. In the world of email marketing first this translates to: the Welcome…

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20 Email Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Despite being decades old, the process of email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing in today’s modern world. Taking control and streamlining the techniques you use in your email marketing campaigns can take your business’s success to new levels you never would have thought were possible, all…


Transactional Email Design: Best Practices, Cool Tips and Inspiring Examples

Feeling stuck with your transactional email design and need some inspiration to unleash your creativity? Today’s post is all about transactional emails and how to get the best out of them. Before we dive into the sea of transactional email design examples and valuable tips, let’s clear up any vagueness about what type…


10 Email Marketing Infographics Every Marketer Should Read

Information is better off digested when presented visually. This is why many professionals use infographics to present statistics, tips, strategies, etc. Visual content makes even boring data appear interesting. We’ve compiled a list of 10 email marketing infographics that will be of utmost value to every email marketer and business maintaining email…


40+ Email Marketing Statistics for 2017 From New Researches

Looking for some current email marketing statistics? We’ve put together over 40 useful email marketing statistics to help you stay up-to-date. These 2017 stats will help you readjust and update your email marketing strategy according to the current state of the industry and the expectations of your audience. Let’s start! According to…