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25 Examples of Sportswear Brands’ Marketing Emails

Ever wondering what the marketing emails of your favourite sportswear brands look like? Well, we did. That is why we put together a list of 25 examples of our favourite sportswear brands’ emails. We all love these brands for their products, but these global corporations hire some of the best marketing teams…

6 Advanced Techniques for Interactive Email Design_Header

6 Advanced Techniques for Interactive Email Design

Companies across different industries compete every day to catch clients’ attention and influence their choice and email marketing has proven to be an excellent tool for doing this. As the number of interactive techniques we use in email design continues to grow, the email marketing solidifies its position as a great marketing tool. With the latest…

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Brand Consistency in Email Marketing

Brand consistency is the first thing to consider when designing your HTML email. The look and feel of your email should be consistent with your brand’s personality, graphics, colours, fonts and images. Why is Brand Consistency so Important? People prefer to interact with brands they know and they can easily recognize. Brand consistency…

MailBakery at Litmus TEDC2016

MailBakery at Litmus TEDC 2016 in London

MailBakery had the pleasure of attending the email design event of the year TEDC2016 (Jul 26-27). The Email Design Conference is organized annually by Litmus and the European session is held in London. Arriving a few days before the event and the sunny London weather (yep, no rain at all) gave us the opportunity…

25 examples of transactional emails

25 Excellent Examples of Transactional HTML Emails

If you run a website or a blog, chances are you are using transactional emails to notify your users when they sign up for your service, place an order or to remind them for abandoned cart. The transactional emails are different from standard marketing emails in terms of both content and design. So, to help…

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10 Ways To Successfully Increase Your Email Open Rates

The email open rate is one of the most important metrics for every email marketer. If you are running email marketing campaigns and you don’t even have your emails opened, that is a big problem. All the energy and time spent on preparing your email marketing campaigns goes in vain, if no one reads your…

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Email Marketing vs Social Media: Is There a Winner?

If you are a marketing person you have probably already asked yourself which marketing channel is worth your efforts more – email marketing or social media. With this article we will try to help you make up your mind. We will compare the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and will try to…

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The MailBakery Comics Issue #6 – April Fool’s Day

It is April and our dear friends Mail and Bakey show no lack of imagination when it comes to tricking each other. Although most of their pranks are just harmless, little tricks some of them might be pretty frustrating. When they finally meet at the end of the day and prank each other…