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10 Email Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

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This article was last updated on January 6, 2021

To make the email marketer’s life easier one needs the right email marketing tools. Today we’ll explore ten of our most used tools that help our clients save time and money while awarding them with the benefits of higher open rates and click-throughs and push their business’s success to new levels.



1. Mailchimp

The go-to email marketing tool if you’re just starting with email marketing. Mailchimp now offers a lot more than just sending good ol’ newsletters – it’s becoming more of an all-in-one tool where you can get a domain from there, build landing pages, polls, segment audiences and automate your emails, last but not least send postcards.  Mailchimp is focused on small businesses and offer easy-t0-use interfaces to tackle most email marketing needs.


2. Klaviyo

Over the past few years, Klaviyo has been a rising star in the email marketing industry, and for good reason. In its roots, Klaviyo works with customers’ data to allow you to personalize your emails. This may sound pretty standard functionality for an ESP, but Klaviyo does it better than the rest. Specifically developed for working with an e-commerce website, Klaviyo fully syncs with your online shop historical data and provides personalized information and recommendations for your customers.


3. MailBakery

MailBakery logo

Despite not being an email marketing tool, but a service provider, the MailBakery team can put you in an advantageous position for your customers and competitors. They design and code custom HTML emails, test them 40 emails clients and make them editable and reusable for Email Service Provides such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, HubSpot, Salesforce and many other. Look no further,  If you want really good looking emails that convert your customer’s attention into sales – you need professional help with designing and coding your emails.


4. HubSpot


Easily one of the most popular marketing tools to ever grace the internet, HubSpot will provide you with a range of professional-level tools to help make your life easier. Whether you’re streamlining your email processes, automating your templates or managing your sales software, HubSpot has a feature for you.


5. Mail Tester

Mail Tester

Here’s another great tool for your email marketing arsenal. Mail Tester creates a unique email address where you can send a test email and they will give you a score from 1 to 10 whether your email is considered spammy or not. The higher the score, the safer you are.
You’ll also get a report of all the tests carried out in case you need to fix anything and last but not least a public link which you can share with your colleagues.


6. Litmus

Litmus logo

Litmus is an all-in-one email marketing tool for error-free email sending. You can quickly create on-brand emails with Litmus Builder’s Code Editor and Visual Editor, create checklists, spam testing, analytics and a lot more. If you’re serious about your email marketing, you should be definitely checking it out.


7. MailBakery Template Store

MailBakery Template Store logo

A huge collection of Free and Premium prebuilt HTML email templates that comes with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor versions. You can also choose add-on services to customize your templates per your brand look and feel and even add your content.


8. GraphicMama

GraphicMama logo

If you’re interested in having illustrations included on your website or emails, you may be wondering who can do a great job at designing such for you. Well, GraphicMama is a creative studio that designs different character illustrations. Fair warning, you may fall in love with some of them. Also, the MailBakery’s website illustrations are done by the team at Graphic Mama and all of the clients adore them.


9. Tinyletter

Tinyletter logo

If you’re a startup business or website (with under 5,000 contacts on your mailing list, you’ll want a simple email client that’s fully-functional yet simple to use. With Tinyletter, you’ll be able to send simple yet effective emails using custom landing pages to grab your user’s email addresses to build your mailing lists, all from a few clicks.

10. Sendy

One of the most effective forms of email marketing is by using a newsletter. Sendy is a simple way to create captivating newsletters that your readers will love, allowing you to keep them up to date with everything that’s going on, dramatically increasing your click-through rates.

Bonus tools

If you’re interested in checking out other great email marketing tools, you can check out Mobile Monkey’s 14 Best Email Marketing Tools to Dominate Inboxes in 2021


In no way is email marketing outdated. By utilizing the right tools for the job, you can maximize and open up new opportunities for your website, taking your business to the next level of success. With the right level of high-quality copy and automation, get ready to see your leads and click-through rates skyrocket!

About the author:

Sharon Conwell has been a content marketer and ghostwriter at over 20 online projects. She’s specializing in content creation and optimization. She loves coffee, tulips and her Shih Tzu named Bobby. Feel free to contact her on Twitter.