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25+ Beautifully Designed Transactional Emails for Inspiration

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This article was last updated on January 22, 2018

Transactional emails are often confused with email messages containing information about purchases and orders. Such emails might be transactional indeed but this is not what is meant by the term. Transactional emails are those automated email which get triggered by a certain action such as:

  • When a user signs up, they receive an automated Welcome email.
  • When a user leaves their shopping cart with products, they receive an automated Abandoned cart email.
  • When a user hasn’t been opening a certain amount of emails from the sender, they receive a reactivation email.
  • When a user has entered their date of birth, they may receive a Happy Birthday email, and so on.

In this post we’ve put together beautiful examples of transactional emails to inspire you for your own automated campaigns. You will see Welcome emails, Happy Birthday emails, Happy Anniversary emails, Abandoned cart emails, and Reactivation emails. Let’s begin!

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails generate higher open and click-through rates rather than any other email marketing campaign. This is why you should make the best of them. This is your first contact with the newly subscribed, so be friendly and welcoming. Use the right imagery and by all means, prompt the recipient to take action. Want to learn How to Craft the Perfect Welcome Email?

mac welcome transactional emails

bobbi-brown welcome transactional email design




If you want even more welcome email design inspiration, head over to Welcome Email Design Inspiration: 19 Eye Candy Examples.

Happy Birthday Transactional Emails

This kind of transactional email is a great way to strengthen the customer-brand relationship. Of course, you can take advantage of it only if you have your subscribers’ birth dates in your email data list. You can easily gather those in the sign-up process or send an email marketing campaign prompting the users to fill in their profile information in exchange for something.









Happy Anniversary Transactional Emails

Based on the date the user subscribed, this kind of transactional email is a great way to remind the user about yourself. Combined with an enticing offer, this occasion is a perfect opportunity to reengage the user and boost your sales.




Abandoned Cart Transactional Emails

Abandoned cart emails are extremely effective in convincing the user to come back and finish their order. They are applicable to e-commerce websites. So if you are running or managing one, we highly recommend you to use this email marketing strategy. Furthermore, check out also 10 Abandoned Cart Email Examples & 20 Insightful Tips To Win Your Clients Back.

forget-something-milled1 transactional email design





Reactivation Email Design

Designed to specifically target those who haven’t been opening your last N emails, these kind of transactional emails are the last attempt to win your clients back.



urban outfitters email campaign




Hope you are feeling inspired!

Feel free to share your favorite transactional email designs in the Comments’ section below. Meanwhile, if you want to dig deeper into the subject, why don’t you check out Transactional Email Design: Best Practices, Cool Tips and Inspiring Examples