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10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Email Marketing

10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Email Marketing

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This article was last updated on May 24, 2017

Artificial Intelligence is part of our everyday life and we constantly hear stories about its application: Apple’s personal assistant Siri, the learning thermostat Next, Tesla’s self-driving car technology, Google’s RankBrain, Amazon’s purchase prediction AI, etc.

As email marketing evolves it’s only a matter of time before machine-learning-powered solutions take over human tasks like: Big Data processing, finding patterns in user behaviour, email content creation, lead nurturing, etc.

But does this mean that email marketers will be replaced by much more efficient machines? May be it’s too early to say. There are however a handful of ways Artificial Intelligence is going to affect email marketing. Here are our top 10 picks.

1. AI Will Be Optimising Humans’ Work

Artificial Intelligence will be used to optimise the client acquisition and client retention campaigns created by humans – Abandoned Cart Email Campaigns, Birthday Messages, Win-Back Campaigns, etc. There will be AI tools that optimise the frequency and timing of our email campaigns too.

2. Humans Will Have To Supervise AI’s Work

While Artificial Intelligence is optimising our work, humans will be analysing the results of these programs and decide if our algorithm choices are working. Our analytics work will have to draw conclusions whether the machines we use are paying off.

3. Humans Will Have More Time For Creative Work

As AI is going to take over a part of our responsibilities, we’ll have more time to spend on the creative side of our projects, leaving the routine, data-heavy tasks to the algorithms.

4. AI’s Responsibilities Will Increase With Time

The more we use AI and the smarter it gets, the more confident we’ll be in its abilities, letting it fine-tune our email campaigns, segment email lists and personalise content.

5. AI Will Take Over Data-Heavy Tasks

AI is going to take over the more data-heavy R&D tasks, while it won’t be able to perform that well when creativity and originality is required. The more human tasks that require fine arts skills, social and cultural understanding or expressing compassion will still be performed by the email marketers and web designers.

6. Artificial Intelligence Will Help With Big Data

As client data grows every day, AI will be a handy tool to analyse, understand and act upon Big Data. Understanding Big Data will make you more competitive and will allow you to generate maximum value from your email marketing efforts.

7. AI Will Be Smart Enough To Nurture Leads Itself

As soon as a user shows interest in your product, the AI will initiate a “conversation”. This email communication will sound if conducted by a human. The AI will stay in contact with the prospect as long as needed to close the sale or achieve another conversion goal.

8. AI Will Allow Exponential Growth

Only the use of Artificial Intelligence will allow email marketers to go beyond the results they achieve today with content personalization and segmentation. Not just that, but the use of AI will increase marketers’ results exponentially, allowing them to reach the full capacity of their email marketing.

9. Artificial Intelligence Will Allow Optimisation At Scale

All routine tasks will be handled by AI, which will all you to optimise your campaigns at scale. It’ll be processing data, that would otherwise require hundreds of man-hours to digest, instantly. This will allow small, technically savvy teams to thrive in the digital marketing domain.

10. At Some Point AI Will Begin to Respond to Emotions

AI will be associating emotions to the words recorded in its database. At some point it will begin to understand your clients’ emotions and sentiments and will be able to put together compassionate, truly human replies.


The early adoption of Artificial Intelligence in email marketing will allow you to gain a crucial lead before your competition. Don’t shy away from AI solutions. Instead, embrace Artificial Intelligence and use it to positively affect your work, achieve your goals faster and make your team more creative and productive.