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How To Collect Email Addresses Fast and Easily: 26 Proven Ways

Reading Time: 5 minutes Putting together your email list is the mandatory step One in every email marketing campaign. Obviously, you can’t progress with your email marketing if you don’t have a sustainable ways and methods to collect email addresses. This post will show you 26 quick and easy ways to collect email addresses for your email…

21-B2B Email Marketing Examples

21 High-Performing B2B Email Marketing Examples to “Steal” Ideas From

Reading Time: 6 minutes Struggling with low-performing B2B email marketing campaigns? We’ve got you covered with 21 business boosting B2B email marketing examples from the pros in the field. B2B email marketing is definitely on the top of its game as the most preferred channel for written communication between businesses for years now. In 2017 you…


Email Design Trends 2017: 11 Effective Ways to Engage the Modern User

Reading Time: 5 minutes Тhe email design trends 2017 move towards cleaner and lighter shapes and forms. The email marketers focus on more classic layouts allowing them to manage their email content right from their email marketing platforms. Interactivity is already applied by many email marketers. However, the coding technologies used to create these beautiful emails are…


Custom Mailchimp Templates: What They Are and How They Work

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Custom Mailchimp Templates give you complete control over your email template designs. You don’t have to push your brand identity to fit in a ready-made design, when you have the option of using custom email templates. The custom coded Mailchimp templates combined with the Mailchimp’s custom template editor are a powerful…


300+ Free Responsive Email Templates of Various Categories and Styles

Reading Time: 6 minutes This collection of Free Responsive Email Templates offers more than 300 templates provided by 20 different web designers and web design studios. You have the opportunity to experiment with different email designs and layouts often just in exchange for your email address. Let’s get started! 50+ Free High-Quality Responsive Email Templates by MailBakery Store We’ve…


Breaking News: MailBakery Email Template Store Launched Today

Reading Time: < 1 minute After several months of development, MailBakery is happy to announce the launch of the MailBakery Email Template Store. The Store offers a collection of responsive email templates, designed and coded by the MailBakery team. You also get the option to have any of the templates customized to your own liking, by our…


Why is Gmail Clipping My Emails?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Gmail is known for clipping larger emails (exceeding 102kb) leaving the recipient with a link at the bottom of the clipped email saying “view entire message“. Unfortunately, this is not an option, which you can turn off from the Gmail’s settings. This is a permanent Gmail rule that is frustrating for both email marketers and…


25 Ways to Strengthen Your Email Campaigns Using Images

Reading Time: 4 minutes The effective use of images in email marketing is very important. Images compliment our messages, they grab reader’s attention, explain ideas quicker and even help with sales. Images can be used and should be used in all our marketing emails. They inspire the reader, create emotions and fulfil appetites. To show the multitude of situations…