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A/B Testing Improves Your Email Marketing

A/B testing allows you to test two different versions of an email, pick up the one that performs better and send it to the rest of your recipient list. It will show you how small changes may make big difference for your email campaigns. A/B testing is a great way of improving…

How To Measure Email Marketing Success - Header

How To Measure Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is easy to track and measure. Most email marketing platforms offer a host of data that will help you gauge the efficiency of your email campaigns. Your task is to find those metrics that suit best your email marketing goals and to keep an eye on them. In this post…

26 Tips To Avoid Spam Filters and Increase Email Deliverability Header

26 Tips To Avoid Spam Filters and Increase Email Deliverability

As an email marketing manager one of your main tasks is to ensure that your emails are going to reach clients’ inboxes. If they are landing in the spam box, there is a great chance that they won’t be read at all. Spam filters are getting smarter and more sophisticated and you have to…

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Converting PSD to HTML Email – All You Need to Know

The PSD to HTML email conversion is one of the most important stages you go through when working on your email marketing campaigns. Today it is synonymous with email coding and for the purposes of this article we are going to refer to the process of email coding as PSD to HTML email…

27 Ecommerce Email Templates

27 Awesome eCommerce Email Template Examples to Inspire Your Email Designs

In case you already enjoyed our 22 Excellent eCommerce Email Templates collection, here’s its sequel 27 Awesome eCommerce Email Templates. The strength of ecommerce emails grows as online shopping and mobile internet consumption reach new highs every year. Internetretailer.com reported that U.S. e-commerce grew 14.6% in 2015, reaching $341.7 billion in online sales. Mobile internet, on another…

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How to Start Your Email Marketing Campaign in 5 Easy Steps

Email marketing, like any other marketing domain, requires patience to figure out and time to master. There are many moving parts to asses and consider while planning your email marketing campaign. With this article we won’t examine all and everything an email marketing campaign involves, but we will rather focus on few specific points, which we consider the…

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19 Big Differences Between Email and Web HTML

At MailBakery, we design and code HTML emails for a living and after 6 years of work and well over 7,000 coded HTML emails we can confidently say that we have seen it all. We are well aware of all the traps and pitfalls an email project may fall into and we sincerely sympathise with every colleague who is…