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300+ Free Responsive Email Templates of Various Categories and Styles

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This article was last updated on November 1, 2022

This collection of Free Responsive Email Templates offers more than 300 templates provided by 20 different web designers and web design studios. You have the opportunity to experiment with different email designs and layouts often just in exchange for your email address. Let’s get started!

50+ Free High-Quality Responsive Email Templates by MailBakery Store

High-Quality Free Responsive Email Templates
We’ve put a lot of time and effort to fill our template store with high-quality freebies which you can download and start using right away. As always, they perform great on all screen sizes. Our free templates are suitable for many types of businesses like digital agencies, restaurants, online stores and many more.

→ Download from MailBakery Store
FREE HIGH-QUALITY HTML Email Template by MailBakery Store

36 Responsive Email Templates by Litmus

The email testing platform offers 36 free responsive HTML email templates in total. These email templates are divided into several different categories:

  • Launch Templates,
  • E-Commerce Templates,
  • Account Management Templates,
  • Marketing Templates,
  • Receipt,
  • Product Announcement, etc.

Pick the category that suits your needs the best and use these templates for free with any email marketing platform.

→ Download these free templates from:
Modern email templates
Go Responsive with 7 Free Email Templates
Slate: Responsive Email Templates


1 Free Responsive Email Template by Email on Acid

free responsive email template Email on Acid

Another email testing company that offers a free responsive email template. EOAs email template comes in three different “layouts” each of which is activated depending on the screen size of the device you are using to read the email.

  • Layout 1 – width less than 480px
  • Layout 2 – width between 481px and 640px
  • Layout 3 – default dimension of 580px

→ Download this email from Free Responsive Email Template


1 Free Responsive Email Template by Marco Lopes

Designed by the product designer Marco Lopes, this responsive email template is free for everyone to grab and use.

→ Download link provided in Free PSD/HTML Responsive Email Template


5 Free Responsive Email Templates by Copernica

The Dutch email marketing platform offers 5 responsive emails available to download from their blog. The emails come with or without Copernica tags. They can be downloaded even if you don’t have an account with Copernica.

→ Download from Free responsive HTML email templates


45 Free Responsive Email Templates by 99designs

The online graphic design marketplace 99designs shared 45 free responsive email templates. These freebies fall into 3 email template categories:

  • Email newsletter template
  • Promotional email template
  • Personal notification email template

Every email category offers three different styles, each in five color options. This makes a total of 45 free email templates.

→ Download from 45 free responsive email templates from professional designers.


14 Responsive Email Templates by sendwithus

The platform for transactional emails sendwithus provided 14 free responsive transaction email templates. Each template comes in 9 different layouts, some of which are invoice, progress, reignite, survey, update, welcome, etc. All email templates can be downloaded in one single batch.

→ Download from Open Source Email Templates


1 Responsive Email Template by Pixel Budha

Everyone can get a beautiful, free responsive HTML email from Pixel Budha after a quick subscription. You actually get a master template with multiple sections that you can use for different email campaigns.

→ Download from The Passion Email Template


1 Responsive Email Template by GraphicsFuel

GraphicsFuel provides high quality web and graphic design resources. They partnered with an independent web design studio to come up with this email freebie with clean, modern design. The email template is tested on 34 email clients and browsers. The freebie pack includes an HTML and source PSD files.

→ Download from Responsive Multipurpose Email Template


70 Responsive Email Templates by Free Mail Templates

Free Mail Templates offers you 70 free, responsive email templates. The templates are conveniently separated into several categories by color and layout:

  • Dark Templates, Light Templates
  • Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar
  • One Column

All templates come in layered PSD files, MailChimp and CampaignMonitor editable versions. They are also Litmus tested on all major email clients.

→ Download from


1 Responsive Email Template by Slicejack

The Croatian software company Slicejack designed and coded the MailPortofolio email template for everyone’s email marketing needs. They shared that it was a challenge to create the email but they made sure it works on all email platforms and devices they had it tested on.

→ Download from MailPortfolio, a free responsive email template


36 Responsive Email Template by Responsive Email Patterns

These aren’t complete email templates, but responsive email elements (layout parts). Responsive Email Patterns offers you 36 free email parts, some of which are:

  • 2 Equal Width Columns
  • Main Column With Sidebar
  • Top Links, Footer Anchor
  • Basic Fluid Image, etc.

These are very handy for someone who codes HTML email templates, as they will get pre-coded parts which can be used directly in the email projects.

→ Download from Responsive Email Patterns


1 Responsive Email Template by Agence Penrose

The French design and digital marketing agency Agence Penrose created a free email template in light green as a gift for their current and future clients. The template is mobile responsive and comes in a simple one-column layout.

→ Download from Agence Penrose 


5 Responsive Email Templates by ZURB

ZURB is a product design company whose slogan is Lead by Design. If you are looking for a clean Free Responsive email template Zurb may have something for you. They actually have 5 things for you, as they give you a free access to a total of 5 responsive email templates. You may preview and download their email templates from their website.

→ Download from Responsive Email Templates


1 Responsive Email Template by Pixel Buddha

Another email template from Pixel Buddha, this one is named Green Village and comes in clean and minimalistic design. It’s mobile responsive and will look equally well on desktop computers and mobile devices. The .zip file includes a layered PSD file and the HTML email.

→ Download from Green Village


6 Responsive Email Templates by MailChimp

MailChimp shares for free a collection of email blueprints, which can serve as a foundation and starting point for the design of your emails. All emails are editable when imported into a MailChimp account. However, you may also strip all merge tags and use the templates to send through any system. .zip content:

  • /modular-template-patterns (a single template built out of modular blocks of common design patterns)
  • /responsive-templates (a collection of responsive / mobile-friendly email templates with various layouts)
  • /templates (collection of fixed-width email templates with various layouts)

→ Download from MailChimp 


11 Responsive Email Templates by ZURB Foundation

Here is another set of freebies from ZURB. Now they offer a family of responsive front-end frameworks that will help you design your emails. They have 11 free, customizable, responsive HTML email templates that cover the following layout categories:

  • Basic
  • Hero
  • Sidebar
  • Marketing
  • Newsletter
  • Sidebar Hero
  • Order
  • Drip
  • Password Reset
  • Welcome

→ Download from Foundation For Emails


3 Responsive Email Templates by Antwort

Antwort is a collection of 3 responsive email templates coded by Julie Ng. This is what Julie says about Antwort: “Antwort offers responsive layouts for email that both fits and adapt to client widths. Don’t underwhelm desktop users with single column layouts that work for mobile. Antwort offers columns on desktop that automatically become rows on mobile.”

→ Download from Antwort Responsive Layouts for Email


39 Responsive Email Templates by CakeMail

The email marketing platform CakeMail has 39 free email templates for you. You can use the emails with CakeMail or with any other email platform of your choice. The email templates are divided into 6 categories:

  • Business
  • Restaurant
  • Seasonal
  • Special Events
  • Transactional
  • Education

→ Download from Free newsletter templates


1 Free Responsive Email Template by Jason Rodriguez

As Jason describes himself he is “…a writer and designer who helps people better understand the web and email.” His free email template, named Salted, is based on the code that Litmus uses for their own email newsletters and offers a simple base for building responsive HTML emails.

→ Download from Salted


37 Responsive Email Templates by is a template provider, which covers CMS, WEB, eCommerce, Business and all type of templates. They’ve put together a collection of 37 free email templates. Some of the templates they share on their websites are Classic Html Email Template, Typographic Email Template, Textile Email Template, etc.

→ Download from Free Email Templates


Well, that’s it!

We hope these free responsive email templates will come in handy to you. No matter if you are a designer, an email coder, a marketer, or a business owner, free responsive email templates can always get into use as a base for your own designs, or simply to practice your skills.

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