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25 Ways to Strengthen Your Email Campaigns Using Images

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This article was last updated on July 27, 2017

The effective use of images in email marketing is very important. Images compliment our messages, they grab reader’s attention, explain ideas quicker and even help with sales.

Images can be used and should be used in all our marketing emails. They inspire the reader, create emotions and fulfil appetites. To show the multitude of situations when images can be successfully used, we’ve put together a list of 25 marketing emails where images have been smartly used to strengthen the sender’s message.

1. Use images… To Amplify Your Message

Images amplify the strength of our emails. Use an image that explains your message quickly and this will prompt your readers to go through the rest of the email for more details.

2. Use images… To Congratulate On App Installation

As soon as an user successfully installs your application, send an email back to congratulate him. It’s a step worth celebrating.

3. Use images… To Emphasize Your Product’s Features

You have a great product that packs fantastic features. Use images to show these to your clients. Describing them in details is one thing, but snapping an image to show what you offer is an instant attention-grabber.

4. Use images… To Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle

Don’t focus only on the product and its features. Show what type of people use products like yours. Images can help with that too.

5. Use images… To Inspire A Home Interior

If you work in real estate or interior design, you can’t go without images in your emails. Show your offers in big, crisp images to lure prospect buyers.

6. Use images… To Target A Specific Group of Clients

When targeting a specific group of clients use images of situations they can associate themselves with. Attract them to your message subconsciously.

7. Use images… To Present Your Latest Deal

Use images to attract your clients’ attention to your latest offer. Whether it’s a seasonal sale or a one-off offer for old clients, use images to show them what they get and how much they save.

8. Use images… To Promote Your Refer-A-Friend Program

If you run a refer-a-friend program or any other kind of affiliate program, use your email marketing to promote that. Images will help you depict the situation in an instant.

9. Use images… To Remind For Upcoming Holidays

Winter holidays, Easter holidays or Thanks Giving, all holidays provide great opportunity to market your products in smart and catchy ways.

10. Use images… To Say Hello

Even if you just email your clients to see how they are doing, it’s a great opportunity to make them smile using a funny image.

11. Use images… To Show Your Workflow

What better way to show what your organisation does to delivery value to your clients everyday, than preparing an image graph for a visual description of the processes.

12. Use images… To Showcase Your Platform Interface

UI is easily explained with screenshots. Showcase your latest platform interface updates with images.

13. Use images… To Welcome Summer

Seasonal sales are great opportunity to catch client’s attention with images of the much anticipated upcoming season.

14. Use images… To Win Back Clients

Win-back emails work best in combination with humour. Comic illustrations or funny photographs will help you reach clients’ hearts.

15. Use images… To Promote Saving Energy

Use emails to promote your whole range of products and update clients on your latest trims.

16. Use images… When Celebrating Your Birthday

Celebrating your company birthday gives the opportunity for some smart email marketing. Invite your clients to the party offering some sweet discounts.

17. Use images… When Setting Up New Password

Forgetting a password is something that has happened to all of us. Be cool and add some humour to your password reset emails.

18. Use images… When Giving A Gift

Offering a gift to your clients is always a nice gesture. Fitting an image in your email to accompany your gift message is a great marketing move.

19. Use images… When Looking Back to Asses

Year in review emails are very popular. Pack your best achievements in one email, add few business growth statistics and compliment them with a matching image on top.

20. Use images… To Showcase Service Features

Showcasing service features works best when presented along side images depicting those features. Fit in short texts next to your images and link to your website for more details.

21. Use images… To Promote A Blog Post

Reaching out to readers is very important for every blogger. Email allows you to reach to your audience instantly with updates on your blog content. Place the head image of your article in your email for a visual linkage between the two.

22. Use images… When Announcing A Price Change

As consumers we care a lot about product pricing. Inform your clients about a product price change via email and use an image to illustrate the product in question.

23. Use images… To Welcome Clients

When a new subscriber joins your service, email him to let him know that you’ve noticed.

24. Use images… When Contributing To A Noble Cause

Philanthropy and raising funds or awareness for a charitable cause should be inseparable parts of every successful business.

25. Use images… To Wish A Happy Birthday

Don’t miss to congratulate your clients on their anniversary of being with you. You may even add a little something to commemorate the anniversary.


We know that images help with delivering information and that they’re integral part of our email marketing emails. However, it is fascinating in how many different situations images help with delivering a more clear and eye-catching message. Be smart and use images that compliment your message, grab reader’s attention and enrich their interaction with your emails.