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How To Collect Email Addresses Fast and Easily: 26 Proven Ways

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This article was last updated on July 31, 2017

Putting together your email list is the mandatory step One in every email marketing campaign. Obviously, you can’t progress with your email marketing if you don’t have a sustainable ways and methods to collect email addresses.

This post will show you 26 quick and easy ways to collect email addresses for your email marketing, plus a word of advice:

Never buy email lists!

Put your email list together by yourself, build your email audience step by step and it will deliver so much more to your business goals.

1. Offer Something Valuable

Email your recipients with articles, case studies, e-books and infographics that bring new and important information to them. Contribute to the development of their businesses. Don’t do email marketing just for the sake of it. To keep your recipients interested in your emails, they should have a clear answer to the age-old question: “What’s In It For Me?”

2. Tell а Story

Email your clients with behind-the-scenes insights, real-life examples, interviews, case-studies and other peoples’ success stories. The content that sticks the most with us is this of real stories with real situations, something that has been proved to be working in the real world. Avoid dry statistics and pure data-based articles. Share actionable know-how with you recipients, tell a story.

3. Promote Signups with Facebook Ads

Facebook is an excellent place to collect email addresses through. The Facebook ads are still much cheaper than Google ads and you may use this in your favor when building your email list. Facebook allows you to target your ads to very specific audiences using geo, gender, age and interest filters. Promote some quality content through Facebook and the flow of new emails address to you is guaranteed.

4. Organize Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a great way to reach to future clients or stay in touch with your current clients. If it’s a live tutorial, it’ll work even better. Everyone likes to ask a question and get an immediate answer. Video tutorials are an excellent medium to collect email addresses for your email marketing campaigns.

5. Put the Sign Up in Front of the Visitor

Place multiple newsletter signup forms across your website. Place them on prominent places, so they can’t be missed. Collect email signups both on your website and company blog.

6. Set Up Contests

Promote your services and products with contests and freebies. Make sure to promote them well on social media. Contests and freebies usually attract a lot of attention which will help your email list grow quickly.

7. Use Lightbox Popups

Email signup boxes are usually placed in the website’s footer or sidebar, sitting there and waiting to be completed. However, popups are a bit more proactive way for collecting email addresses. The signup form will appear directly in front of the user. Therefore, if your offer is compelling enough your visitor would gladly share their email address with you.

8. Collect Signups Along with Contact Info

Along with collecting clients’ contact details, always include a text about your email newsletter. Let you clients sign up by ticking a signup box at the end of your registration form. Make the signup process as seamless and natural as possible.

9. Offer Gifts For Immediate Use

In exchange for an email newsletter signup, offer gifts ready for immediate use. The free courses, e-books and product samples you give away should solve a particular problem today. Segment your email lists based on previous interaction with your subscribers and data you have collected regarding their needs and wishes. Email the different client groups with offers corresponding to their particular needs.

10. Gate Your Best Content

Gate your best content and offer access to it only in exchange for an email address. Let future email subscribers know that they are going to get access to something special which is not publicly accessible to everyone. Make them feel special as they sign up for your email newsletters.

11. Just Ask For It

When talking to a prospect client over the phone, on a networking event or as they sign up for your services on your website, simply ask for their email address. Just ask for it. Explain how important it is to stay in touch with them and also, how they are going to receive only information that is relevant to their business needs – business documentation, invoices, business and marketing case studies and tips.

12. Try Scrolling Box

Instead of a standard pop up, try using a scrolling box which pops up as the client scrolls down the landing page. This action-based box should also show a catchy message to make sure that your clients won’t simply close the form but complete it first.

13. Content Quality Upgrade

Create a blog post for your readers with advice they can act on immediately. Then offer to upgrade the quality of the content by offering to send the tips in .pdf printable format. Ask for their email address to send the files.

14. Promote Your Newsletter in Your Tête-à-tête Meetings

Whenever you discuss your services with potential clients in person, don’t miss out the opportunity to promote your email newsletter. Let your clients know that you may send them valuable information for free right into their email boxes. This way you’ll keep them up to date with what is going on in your company and your industry.

15. Newsletter Invites with Physical Products

If you send psychical products to your client, include a note in the package to let them know how they can subscribe for your email and stay informed about future promotions and discounts.

16. Collect Business Cards at Reception

Collect business cards at the counter of your store or at the reception in the office. Promise special offers and discounts for newsletter signups.

17. Collect Emails on Networking Events

Use networking events to collect business cards or if you bring an iPad with you, try subscribing the people you meet directly for your email.

18. Pop Up When Closing the Page

Windows popping up while browsing a website might be a little annoying. However, if you show your newsletter signup message as the user is leaving the website this might be a better moment for them to act and complete the signup form.

19. Newsletter Subscribe On the Thanks Page

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to collect clients emails, as they complete their purchase from you. Always put a newsletter subscribe message on the Thank You page.

20. Collect Emails Through Your Signature

Put a newsletter signup link in your email signature. This way the people you communicate with via email will always have the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter.

21. Use Content Teasers

Tease your clients with a glimpse of what they could get if they sign up for your newsletter. A great way to collect email addresses is to show a preview of your newsletter.

22. Use Your Best Content To Collect Email Addresses

Put your signup forms next to your best content. Let your clients sign up for your newsletter while they are really pleased by the valuable information you provide on your website.

23. Collect Email Addresses on YouTube

Whenever you upload a video on YouTube put a link to your newsletter subscription form in the video description with the promise of a special video content only for newsletter subscribers.

24. Collect Email Addresses via LinkedIn

If you have the budget for it, you may build a newsletter signup form and promote it on LinkedIn.

25. Offer Newsletter Discounts

Offer discounts only for newsletter subscribers. Promote these offers on subscription forms and social media. Don’t use the same discounts in any other circumstances.

26. Use Software To Help You Collect Email Addresses

These are some great web tools and plugins that will make creating pop ups and slide ins much easier. These tools will help you collect even more email addresses: SleeknoteList BuilderPippityOpt-in PopupHello Bar and Smart Bar.


Building your email list yourself is a process that takes time. Provide quality content consistently, package it in a beautiful email design and your subscribers will now have a reason to fill out. They may even recommend your email to friends and colleagues.

Should you need help with your email design and coding, we are at your service 24/7 at Email Templates From Scratch.