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7 ways to use email marketing to stay relevant in 2020

We have all been there: refreshing our email inboxes to check if the email we have been waiting for has arrived. Maybe it was some good news you were expecting or a discount code to a sale from your favorite retailer. This is recognized as wanted emails. On the other hand, we also have those emails that we instantly send to trash, which is known as unwanted emails.

At MailBakery, we want to help you send out emails that your audience looks forward to every time. We are dedicated to sending out emails that your audience wants to receive and is actually interested in getting when they open, read, or click the links. We want to prevent your company from being the ones who send emails to their clients and instantly think why am I still getting these emails?

Sending wanted emails helps boost engagement. The best way to do this is by staying relevant to your audience.

Here are some things to consider when considering relevancy:

  • Are you sending emails too often?
  • Are you not sending emails enough?
  • Are you sending targeted messages?
  • Are the same messages going to all of your audience?
  • Does your audience have a way to let you know how often they would like to receive messages?

By determining this information, you can then clearly understand that not all your recipients are the same, and it is your responsibility to interact appropriately. With that, there are quite a few things you can do to stay relevant or make your emails wanted. Let’s dive in!

Give subscribers control

Customers are more likely to stay engaged if you give them control and let them select what they want. After all, it is their inbox, not yours. So, it’s important to make it simple for your subscribers to opt-out from particular emails.

When giving your subscribers control, you should make it as easy to navigate as possible. Somewhere in your emails should be a link to the preference page.

Honor the preferences of your subscribers

Some subscribers will love your daily emails, while others will prefer a monthly or weekly email. In this case, you should consider a daily digest. This way, those who are not interested in daily emails still get the information that the daily subscribers get.

You might also find that some subscribers only want transactional messages or newsletters, so it’s important to honor those preferences as well. It’s important to remember that while you might see value in each of your emails, not every subscriber will share that positive experience.

Send subscribers what they asked for

You should appreciate that subscribers shared with you exactly what they want to receive. Do your part and share with them only the types of emails that the user chose to receive. It will be tempting to send them other types of emails, but this will only result in the opposite effect than anticipated.

Make it clear that you are sending the email

Building a strong reputation is vital for email marketing success. This can be done by being consistent with the from, reply-to, and subject lines. The goal is to have your audience familiar with your company so they can identify your emails from the other names that are in their inbox. Not only is this important for building a strong brand identity, but it allows you to stand out against your competition.

Test your emails

Email marketing changes day by day. New technologies emerge, and the interest of your audience quickly changes. By frequently doing A/B tests, you can determine what resonates best with your audience. A/B testing can help you determine the subject lines that work best with your audience, what gets the most links, and what drives clicks to your websites. When testing, don’t forget to track the results and incorporate the necessary changes in your email so you can appeal to your audience.

Reevaluate your mailing lists

You might have the mindset, ‘the more contacts, the better,’ but this is not always the case. If you have unengaged users, it might be time to let them go. Every so often, you should be tracking what users are opening your emails, clicking on links, or requesting to be unsubscribed. Before letting a subscriber go, you can send a re-engagement campaign, but unless they react positively, it’s time to let them go from your contact list. It might seem counterintuitive to delete subscribers, but once you delete those who are not engaged, you should see a positive increase in your email marketing results.

Promote Surveys

The purpose of your email marketing campaigns is to help your subscribers to get what they need. It is difficult to give your audience what they need if you are unsure of what it is exactly that they want. That is why it is so important to stay in touch with your subscribers and regularly ask them how your emails are helping them. It might be a good idea to send out quarterly or biannual surveys so you can receive feedback from your subscribers. Additionally, you should provide your subscribers with contact information in your email.

All of these mechanisms are intended to guarantee that when you send messages to a recipient, the message is more likely to be opened. The better your content or call to action is, the more likely your subscribers are to click through your site. Consider these ways to stay relevant because if you continue to send your subscribers emails, they do not want, it might negatively affect your ability to get your message to your interested customers that are most likely to grow your business.

MailBakery: Sending your subscribers emails they want

At MailBakery, we help you create emails that your subscribers want to receive. With the right email design and content, you can craft emails that your subscribers want. Do you want to stay relevant in 2020? Start crafting unique email marketing campaigns with MailBakery!

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