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How to Use Email Marketing to Boost Your Social Media

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This article was last updated on June 7, 2021

Incorporating email marketing into your marketing strategy has a lot of benefits, from engaging new and existing customers and boosting web traffic and more. But one of its lesser-known benefits is that you can use email marketing to boost your social media. Contrary to many beliefs, email marketing and social media are a dynamic duo that feeds each other, and when properly implemented, have significant results in driving traffic. Experts share that when email marketing is used with social media, companies see an increase in new opportunities for readers to engage with your brand and content. Game-changing stuff, no?

Suppose the power of email marketing and social media is still lost upon you. In that case, our team at MailBakery has a few tips that can help you unlock the true potential of using email marketing to boost your social media.



Why Combine the Two?

Many companies treat email marketing and social media as two separate entities that you have to choose between when, in reality, they should focus on aligning strategies for both channels. There are even facts to back this up: According to Adobe’s 2019 Email Usage Study, American consumers alone spend at least five hours a day checking their emails. On the opposite end, consumers spend at least two hours a day scrolling through social media.

Further proof is that social media is the perfect environment for building brand awareness and reaching new audiences. Whereas email marketing experts say it’s 40 times better than social media at acquiring new customers. With these kinds of numbers, it only makes sense to combine these popular channels to increase your digital reach. Can you imagine the combined impact?


Use Your Best Content

In the marketing biz, it’s always essential to put your best foot forward, and for email marketing, that best foot is often content. The best way to promote your content and drive traffic is to highlight your best stuff. We understand the temptation to highlight all of the content you create, from blogs and videos to podcasts and infographics, but we assure you the key to success here is quality, not quantity.

When you use a lot of content, including some that your readers may not resonate with, you run the risk of harming your conversion rates. By using your best stuff, you open up other opportunities for promotion and engagement. Your content can be used in posts on social media, which leads to web traffic and ultimately grow your fan base.


Use Landing Pages to Grow Your Follower List

Whether you’re aiming to grow your email list or your follower list, it’s crucial to have an opportunity for your customers to opt-in to your community and content. With your social media account, you can add a landing page link to your bio or share the link in a post caption. Once clicked, your followers are redirected to a well-crafted landing page featuring a lead capture form. Using this method enables you to convert social media followers into subscribers without being too aggressive.

The way you use email marketing to boost your social media works similarly, except instead of including landing pages in your bio, you have them in your marketing email copy. Try adding share links to your emails and encourage your readers to share the email and its contents to their respective social media pages. You could also create an email campaign dedicated to promoting your social media accounts or a newsletter highlighting the most popular posts of the week. By integrating design elements like calls to action and links, you bring everything full circle for the customer and follow up with a follow request.

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Feature Social Media Icons in Your Email Signature

This strategy is perhaps the simplest and most common way to use email marketing to boost your social media, but you’d be surprised how many businesses don’t use it. Whether it’s because it seems unprofessional or they don’t think it’s necessary, we believe adding those icons to your signature is a passive way to let readers know you’re on social media. The best placement for them is, try underneath or to the right of your name. With this placement, readers are sure to see your icons, as the natural movement of the eye will guide them directly to it.

Something to note: if you’re going to use a stylized signature and incorporate your social media links, be sure that you’re active on various platforms. If readers click the links and discover otherwise, it can harm your image.


Ask Followers to Sign Up for Emails (and Vice Versa)

Ask, and you shall receive! When trying to get visitors to subscribe or follow, we often use different tactics to entice them to click the “follow” button or enter their email address. However, the easiest lead gathering method is to ask readers to follow or sign up. You can encourage your social media followers to sign up for your email list through a fun and inviting post.

There are tools to help capture emails without the hassle of visiting another site. For example, Twitter has an excellent feature called Twitter Cards, which allows your followers to register for your email newsletters without ever leaving the social media page. On Facebook, you can embed a “join our newsletter” link on your company page.

A surefire way to use email marketing to boost your social media is to create FOMO, or fear of missing out, by teasing some of the engaging and helpful content your followers can experience when they follow you on social media.


Sync Your Promotional Calendars

Have you ever heard the saying that the left-hand doesn’t know what the right one is doing? This shouldn’t be the definition of how you use email marketing to boost your social media. Your approach to integrating these two channels should be seamless. And an excellent way to accomplish this is by syncing your promotional calendars.

In doing so, you create countless possibilities, such as cross-posting opportunities, and you don’t step on each department’s toes conceptually. It also reduces the likelihood that your customers will miss your promotions. Even if they don’t see your post on social media, they can still catch your email, which leaves them feeling like your company’s in sync, and they will never miss a beat.


Make Attractive Calls to Action

Think of a call to action as the cherry on top of something spectacular. It perfectly punctuates your thoughts and ties everything together nicely. Best of all, you can use a call to action in your email marketing to boost your social media and vice versa. Populate your marketing emails with snapshots of your highest-performing posts and use a call-to-action button to link directly to them so they can follow and keep up with the latest news.

On social media, you can use your email marketing headlines as calls to action. For example, “Have you seen our latest newsletter? Click here to read our announcement.” After the follower clicks and reads the content, you can include a secondary call to action to help them sign up for the newsletter and never miss another update.



Email marketing and social media are a powerful marketing duo. Together, they can boost web traffic and conversion rates, engage new and existing customers, and so much more. Another powerful team is our team MailBakery working hand-in-hand with you. We’re more than excited to help you create stunning, brand-specific email templates that are sure to grab your subscribers’ attention and increase overall engagement.

If you’re interested in baking something fresh with us, contact our team, and let’s get in the kitchen!