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Our 2021 Guide for Marketing to Millennials

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Millennial is the word used to describe those born between 1980 and 2000. Yet, that’s not all millennials are. They also represent a demographic shift that is undoubtedly influencing the consumer market. At 73 million people strong, millennials dethrone baby boomers as the largest generation. They are also now the generation with the most buying power, i.e., your target consumers. So, what do you do with this information? How do you use email to engage with millennials?

Below, we offer tips on how to use email to engage with millennials effectively.



Create Content Millennials Will Enjoy

We’re all familiar with the saying that content is king. This statement couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to appealing to the millennial consumer. The average millennial do thorough research before making a purchase decision, with most of it spent soaking up all information a company has on their site. This is why creating quality content millennials will enjoy is crucial.

So, to maximize your chances of engaging millennials, create content surrounding products, product releases, sales, and more. Something to keep in mind is that content isn’t just limited to blogs. It also encompasses images and infographics, how a site loads on various devices, and a website’s overall feel. That means that before you craft an engaging and conversion-worthy email, make sure your website and its content are up to par.


At 73 million people strong, millennials dethrone baby boomers as the largest generation.


Optimize the Shopping Experience

Millennials, like many other consumers, are easily impacted by the experience they have with a brand. Whether positive or negative, that experience influences their next steps. Retailers undoubtedly want that following action to be a purchase, but there’s only one way to achieve it: an omnichannel experience.

Employing a customer-focused approach to marketing signals that you care about your customers getting what they want and will do everything in your power to make it happen. An omnichannel experience creates a seamless and personalized customer experience. For example, say a customer views a product on a company’s app and places it in their cart. However, they are unable to complete the purchase. If they don’t complete the purchase within 24 hours, it triggers a personalized cart abandonment email and offers a 20% discount. This reengages the customer, and they return to finish the purchase. When you optimize the shopping experience, it increases the likelihood of a sale.


An omnichannel experience creates a seamless and personalized customer experience.


Incorporate Social Media

Email marketing may reign supreme as our favorite marketing channel, but many retailers find that when combined with social media, it creates a dynamic duo. Because millennials are tech-savvy multitaskers, you can use these two channels to make a significant impact. Using celebrity endorsements to influence purchases may not have the same effect it once did, but customer testimonies and reviews are a surefire way to appeal to millennials.

They are more likely to trust the opinions of their friends and family than a stranger. To retain the customers you have while driving more conversions, send out surveys asking your millennial consumer base to share their feedback and honest reviews. You can use their insights to influence the direction of your campaigns and any internal work you need to apply.


MIllennials are more likely to trust the opinions of their friends and family than a stranger.


Build Excitement

How many times have you signed up for a marketing newsletter or purchased a product, only to be sold on something else? Pretty frustrating, right? These are the experiences that retailers should keep in mind when building out email marketing campaigns. If you want to use email to engage with millennials, we highly recommend staying away from upselling — especially when they’re a new customer. Nothing is worse than being pressured before you have time to enjoy your purchase.

This is the time to build rapport, get them excited about their purchase, and establish trust with your customers. Think of it as the foundational stage of a relationship. Instead of zeroing in on another sale, first, offer yourself as a resource. Start by creating emails that show customers how to use your products or uncommon uses for your product.

Online premium printer Smartpress builds excitement through its email marketing campaign that highlights various uses for its services, from soliciting honks for grads to decorating the interior of your office. They even offer an article on how to install the right signage strategy for your needs. Showing and telling customers about the different ways they can get their money’s worth creates a new sense of buyer’s excitement all over again.


Use Coupons to Spark Loyalty

Email example by Uplers - Millennials love good deals. This email example offers a $100 coupon


Millennials are always on the hunt for a good deal. You have their baby boomer parents, who loved coupon clipping, to thank for that. Plus, the fact that they don’t have disposable income like previous generations. Though the number of consumers clipping coupons has dwindled with the advent of the internet, digital couponing is alive and well. The best part is you can use it to your advantage.

Industry experts report that 23% of millennials want coupons with at least a 50% discount, whereas 17% will appreciate any deal. Of course, such steep discounts don’t always result in success. For some, it can be more harmful than beneficial. A happy medium is to create an email marketing campaign that offers a slight discount and incorporates perks like early access or subscriber-only offers.

Introducing loyalty programs is an alternative way to spark loyalty and show your appreciation for your growing customer base. Millennials love a reciprocal relationship, meaning they receive something in return for their business. Use email to engage with millennials whenever they reach a point-driven purchase milestone. The frequency of their purchases can trigger email messages notifying them of new rewards earned.


Have a Purpose

Email example by allbirds - Millennials

A common characteristic of millennials is that they strive for purpose. In fact, 68% of millennials want to be a positive change in the world. That desire to do good manifests in everything from the business opportunities to the kind of marketing emails they wish to receive. Another 81% believe a business must have a purpose.

Retailers can use these beliefs to engage with millennials by ensuring their email campaigns have a purpose. The best way to accomplish this is to show your subscribers who you are. You must also show them your brand’s beliefs and values and how you uphold them. Thankfully, there are countless ways you can prove your purpose.

Take sustainable brand Allbirds, for example. In their welcome email, they clearly define their purpose. From it, readers understand a company’s stance and its laser focus on the intersections of comfort and sustainability.



We hope that our list of examples inspires you to look at your new target audience differently than in past years.

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