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Email Design Trends 2019: Top New Looks for Your Templates

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Email design trends 2019 are already taking over the people’s inboxes! Keep reading to learn what’s modern in the world of email design.

Email design trends are a part of graphic design trends and as such, they are inevitably following the tendencies established by the leading graphic designers. However, when it comes to email design, there are certain restrictions and rules that designers need to follow in order to make templates functional and attractive.

In today’s post, we’ll make an overview of the modern email design looks that will be seeing in 2019. Let’s begin!

1. Full-width images

Email design trends 2019 will be marked with big full-width images and they will not be reserved for the hero area only. In 2019, designers will use full-width images for the email body to stimulate the visual senses of the recipients better.

Often accompanied by just a tagline and a button, high-quality big images do half the speaking to convince the user to convert.

email design trends 2019 apple-watch-series-4-is-here

2. Hero images

Speaking of big images, using high-quality hero images in email design will stay the norm in 2019. Whether full width or with a border, start off the email design with one primary image to effectively catch the attention of the recipient.

This design technique is one of the time-tested techniques in email design which brings results. Hero images in email is a design trend that boosts conversions and it will certainly make it into email design trends 2019.

email design trends 2019 hero images

3. Open compositions

Big-sized images are a perfect prerequisite to create open composition email designs. This means the design doesn’t have a border. It seems to go beyond to what the viewer sees.

Such an effect is achieved by showing just a part of the advertised product or the design elements, while the rest is left somewhere out of the composition.

email design trends 2019 open composition

4. Realistic 3D images

3D has been quite trendy for several years in the world of graphic design, so it is not a surprise that it has made it into the email design, as well. 3D images that look so realistic that you feel you can simply reach out to grab them will be among email design trends 2019.

email design trends 2019 realistic 3d images

5. 3D Depth

An overall feeling of depth conveyed from the email design is among the email design trends 2019.

Such an effect can be achieved by using different techniques like cut-out illustrations (the example given below) that display flat layers positioned on different depth levels. Playing with volumes, shadows, and perspectives and more techniques will help you achieve amazing 3D looks for your email designs in 2019.

email design trends 2019 3d depth

6. Symmetry

Although asymmetry might come as a breath of fresh air for your email marketing at times, symmetric email designs will prevail in 2019. Symmetry is not about presenting a design whose left side mirrors the right one but it’s about achieving a nice balance between the two vertical parts of the design.

Imagine that you draw a vertical line right in the middle of your design, thus making the design divided into two vertical equal parts. To achieve a good symmetry, the weight of the content should be equally distributed between the left and right side.

email design trends 2019 symmetry

7. Grid

Neat and tidy email templates leave out all distractions and focus on the content better. And is there a tidier way to present your content than to put it in a grid?

Along with symmetry, showcasing your products and photos in a grid will be trendy for email design in 2019. This trend will allow you to put an accent on the visual content and minimize the text. Don’t forget to include alt tags for all images in case they don’t display in the recipient’s inbox.

email design trends 2019 grid

8. GIF animations

Using GIFs in email will be one of email design trends 2019. The motion that the GIF animations create is one of the most engaging techniques for the modern user whose attention span shrinks more and more with each passing year.

You can take the example below and use GIF to show multiple products. You can animate the text, the background, and pretty much, every element. Just make sure that the first frame of your GIF is meaningful in case the image doesn’t animate.

email design trends 2019 GIF animations

9. Big typography

When it comes to typography in email design trends 2019, the motto is: the bigger, the better. This trend has emerged in the quest of marketers to find new ways that nail the viewer’s attention and provoke their curiosity. By making the heading this big, you are literally making the viewer read your message… and it better be good.

To make sure that you’ve achieved this effect, step back and look at the design from a distance. Тhe heading should still be the element that “pops” the most in your design.

email design trends 2019 big typography

10. Creative typography

Besides becoming big and screaming for attention, the typography in email design trend 2019 will become more and more creative in order to impress the recipient.

If you are using a custom font, make sure to provide a web-safe fallback font. If you are using a static image, make sure to provide an alt text for the image.

email design trends 2019 creative typography

11. Outline design elements

Outline typography, outline buttons, outline icons… All outline design elements will be trendy in 2019, often in combination with other trends. Big outline typography in 2019 will be interacting with other objects in the design, giving an overall feeling of a realistic three-dimensional composition.

email design trends 2019 outline design elements

12. Metallic elements

Golden, silver, and iridescent metallic elements will be a hit in email design 2019. We will see them in the form of typography, buttons, decoration elements, and even backgrounds. Metallic elements have been really trendy for graphic design and package design, and now they are definitely conquering the email design, as well.

email design trends 2019 metallic elements

13. Illustrations

High-quality illustrations have always been among the must-have designer assets. They are perfect for conveying concepts and emotions. And sometimes, they are even better (and way more affordable) than photos in doing so.

In 2019, we will keep seeing flat illustrations in email design, as they are amazing in conveying a concept without distracting the viewer with too much detail.

email design trends 2019 flat illustrations

Isometric illustrations are another trendy style for email design, combining the simplicity of flat enriched with the perspective of the 3D style.

email design trends 2019 isometric illustrations

14. Illustrations & realism combo

Experimenting with illustrations and realistic product images will make even a boring design unique and appealing. Here is an example of an email newsletter design that combines a pastel illustration in the hero image with realistic photo images.

email design trends 2019 pastel illustrations

15. Illustrated icons & bullet points

Using illustrations for your bullet points makes the email design unique and the key messages even stronger. Supported by a visual content, the key points of the content become more understandable by the viewer.

Using illustrated icons is not simply a trend for email design 2019 but a recommendation that will make your message easy to understand, and thus, help you reach more people.

email design trends 2019 illustrations for icons

16. Gradients

Love ’em or hate ’em, colorful gradients are on the top of the graphic design charts right now. For 2019 this means one thing: they will most certainly be one of the email design trends 2019.

Colorful gradients are eye-catchy, dreamy, and beautiful. Moreover, they bring a futuristic vibe to the design making the overall look modern and impressive. In 2019, we will keep seeing bright colorful gradients, experimenting with the color palettes and pleasing the viewer’s senses.

email design trends 2019 gradients

To wrap it up,

An exciting year awaits in terms of email design trends 2019. The visual content will prevail in the form of full-width photos, high-quality illustrations, and realistic images interacting with the rest of the email design. If you want to share your thoughts and comments on email design trends 2019, you are welcome to do so in the comment section below.