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10 Email Marketing Infographics Every Marketer Should Read

Information is better off digested when presented visually. This is why many professionals use infographics to present statistics, tips, strategies, etc. Visual content makes even boring data appear interesting.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 email marketing infographics that will be of utmost value to every email marketer and business maintaining email marketing activity. Even if you are not into this type of marketing yet, you might change your mind after going through these awesome informative email marketing infographics. Let’s start!

1. The State of Email Marketing in 2017

It’s important for every marketer, or even business owner to be up-to-date with the latest trends in email marketing. This is what the following infographic by SmartInsights focuses on. Based on surveys, this email marketing infographics answers the following questions:

  • Why optimizing email marketing matters in 2017?
  • Why do marketers rate email marketing so highly?
  • What are the budget intentions in 2017?
  • Which email marketing techniques marketers use?
  • How do marketers measure success?
  • How do businesses manage their lists?


2. Solutions to the Top 10 Email Marketing Questions

Another must-read email marketing infographic. The guys from EmailMonks have formulated answers to the ten most common questions and issues marketers struggle with. Some of them are:

  • How to increase your email open rate?
  • How to make your emails look better?
  • What do wearables mean for email marketing? (Hmm, that’s new!)
  • What to do with disengaged subscribers?
  • How to sell more with email marketing?
  • How to build trust with customers?

3. Tricks and Tips for Successful Email Marketing

We all love learning new things, especially when they come in easy to digest bite sizes and can be applied instantly in our lives or our work. This is what the fellas behind BluehostCouponCodes did. They came up with a collection of over 27 little tricks provenly tested and effective for your email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing infographics

4. How to Make Email Marketing Successful

Still not sure whether email marketing is essential for your business? This email marketing infographics has been created to throw light on the subject. It provides valuable tips, statistics and best practices for businesses’ email marketing strategy.


5. Pushing the e-Envelope

Easy to read and very informative, this infographic starts with showing a few stats in favor of email marketing compared to other marketing channels. Then, the creators have pointed out 10 ways to improve your email marketing open rates. This is certainly one of the most important metrics for email marketing. After all, people cannot read your message if they don’t open the email message first, right?


6. The 6 Steps to Effective Email Marketing

Even if you are an experienced email marketer, it is always a good idea to regularly check if your methods are still relevant. Or if you are missing something essential. The pals from Pardot have come up with an infographic focused on the 6 most important factors of email marketing. In addition, they have included valuable checklists and advice for every step.

7. How to Send Email Marketing Campaigns

This infographic includes 11 simple steps of how to conduct email marketing campaigns. In addition, every step is carefully explained. This way you can easily understand why it is important and also – what is expected from you to do. The instructions provided are easy to follow. They will help you a lot especially if you are new to email marketing.


8. 7 Myths of Email Marketing

An email marketing infographics by Alchemy Worx which debunks 7 myths. What these guys did was take 7 widely known statements for email marketing, did some research and proved these could be wrong. They also backed up the statements with data. So, if you decide to throw them a glance, it would definitely be worth it.


9. 5 Ways to Get Your Email Opened First

These days brands are harshly competing for the users attentions, who on the other hand are flooded with promotional emails. The following email marketing infographics provides valuable insights and tips on how to stand from the crowd and get your email opened first. Here are the 5 topics this infographic covers:

  • Subscribers are people, not wallets.
  • Why did your subscribers opt in?
  • Why people hate to be sold to but love to buy?
  • What in fact does your customer want?
  • Why should you stay in touch?


10. Crafting the Subject Line that Gets Your Email Read

Almost all email marketing infographics include tips and advice for the subject line. This is one of the most important elements of email marketing.  The following infographic includes more specific and practical advice on how to write your subject line. It also busts a few myths about the subject content. So, you should definitely check it out.


In conclusion,

People should never stop learning. These email marketing infographics will give you valuable insights and tips. For some, this might be a whole new world that they are about to explore. If this is your case, the visually presented content will certainly help you assimilate the information better.

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