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7 Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips for Growing Your Business

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This article was last updated on June 7, 2021

It may come as no surprise that email is one of the most powerful channels you can leverage. And this fact has never been truer as many companies shift their business online in response to the global pandemic. Not only is email marketing an excellent tool for communicating with customers and engaging with interested parties, but it is also the preferred method for many people especially during a time where we so desperately need connection. According to Wordstream, there are 2.9 billion email users worldwide, and that number continues to grow every day.

If you want your business to see success, you have to be willing to invest in eCommerce marketing. Our team at MailBakery can help. Below, we share some of our eCommerce email marketing tips for growing your business.

Let’s check them out.

1. Build a Strategy

Although this technically a well-known eCommerce email marketing tip for growing your business, it certainly is an essential one to recall. Email marketing should never be considered an afterthought; it should be given the same energy and thought as other channels like social media. Successful email marketing campaigns have been strategically and proactively mapped out and detail the customer journey. It is crucial to consider what your customer needs as they move through the stages of buying — awareness, consideration, purchase, retention, and loyalty — and how you can be of service to them along the way.

A few benefits to building a strategy include:


Helps you focus: There are a lot of things you can do with email marketing, and having a strategy keeps your eye from wandering, helps prioritize your efforts, and focus on what’s most important to your company.

Provides a strong foundation: If you don’t have a set strategy in place, you’re likely to switch up your plan at the drop of a hat and cost yourself more business than you’ll earn.

Keeps you accountable: Goals, deadlines, and priorities are all important for your team to maintain, and creating a strategy will help keep you on track and doing your part.

Can be shared with others: Divvying up tasks and delegating them to others is much easier when you have an email strategy. Plus, it ensures that everyone is on the same page and has a shared vision.


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2. Diversify Your Emails

Although sales are something eCommerce businesses often have, they shouldn’t be the only kind of emails you send. Another one of our eCommerce email marketing tips for growing your business is establishing your company as a resource and one-stop-shop for your customers. The best way to accomplish this is to diversify the kinds of emails you send out.

You can share company updates and seasonal trends for your industry, create how-to-features, build hype for new and upcoming products, and much more. As you can see, your eCommerce business has a lot to offer, and varying the content in your emails can keep your subscribers interested and more likely to shop with you or share your insights with like-minded buyers.


3. Use Automation for Follow-Ups

One of the top challenges for an eCommerce business is keeping up with your customers and their orders. Manually sending out follow-up emails can be time-consuming and result in you dropping the ball and your customers growing frustrated and potentially taking their business elsewhere. One of our favorite eCommerce email marketing tips for growing your business is implementing automation into your process.

Like other entries on this list, automation has a host of uses, including sending transactional emails, notifying your customers when a product they’re interested in is back in stock, or delivery updates. They can also send out trigger-based emails like reminders for abandoned virtual shopping carts, welcome emails when they sign up for your newsletter and ask for feedback on a recent purchase.


4. Make Your Emails Visually Appealing

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. That is because it has a significant influence on consumers. The right designs can compel potential customers and existing ones to do anything from engaging with your emails and sharing them to purchasing from you versus a competitor.

One of our eCommerce email marketing tips for growing your business is to make your emails a visual feast for your customers. To be visually appealing means incorporating brand-specific colors, images that capture the brand’s essence, cleverly worded headings and subject lines that lure in customers, and easy-to-understand calls-to-action. All the things that will make you stand out and have people excited to receive your emails.

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5. Reengage Your Customers

An often-overlooked eCommerce email marketing tip for growing your business is that it’s more profitable and often easier to reengage a customer than to chase after new ones. Many companies believe that new customers should be their only focus, when we are advocates for customer retention. These customers are your bread and butter, your ticket to growing your business, but they require a different kind of attention.

It is important to note that sometimes rekindling these broken or disengaged relationships takes time. Offering exclusive discounts to existing or loyal customers and creating a loyalty program are two ways to reengage customers and keep them coming back. Another popular strategy is to personalize the emails re-engagement emails you send. Let them know that you miss them, and it’s been x number of days since their last purchase, or update them on what’s changed within the company since the last time they were active.


6. Connect with Your Target Customers Through Language

Another eCommerce email marketing tip for growing your business is to pay close attention to language. Your language should be enticing enough to get readers to open your emails and interact with the call-to-action to complete your desired task.

In addition to using other languages like French, Spanish, or English to communicate with your customers, another way to connect is by using the same language as your target audience. If you’re drawing the most interest from millennials, try to use appropriate phrases. Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate the use of humor, pop-culture references, gifs, and emojis in your emails, as they can be ways to humanize your brand to readers.


7. Don’t Forget Mobile

It may be a little annoying that optimizing for mobile is on every marketing list. Still, it only further demonstrates just how vital mobile is to growing your business, especially when it comes to email marketing. More than 50 percent of subscribers are reading your emails on their mobile devices, so it only makes sense that you make your email marketing campaigns should be designed with them in mind.

Optimizing for mobile is one of our eCommerce email marketing tips for growing your business because it shows your target audience you keep up with developing trends and lets them know their experience is a priority. Here are a few design elements you should incorporate to enhance the mobile-viewing experience:

  • Easy to read fonts
  • Text no larger than 14px
  • Good spacing (some whitespace)
  • Design fits to screen
  • Visible and easy to click CTAs
  • Short subject lines
  • Scrollable content




Email marketing is, without a doubt, one of our favorite ways to grow an eCommerce business. And there are countless reasons! It is far-reaching, has an impressive return on investment of up to $44, and it is the preferred communication method of many, including millennials. We hope that eCommerce email marketing tips for growing your business could shed some light on just how essential email marketing is.

If you need help crafting an impressive and successful email marketing campaign, look no further than MailBakery. Together, we can bring your dreams to life or partner in creating stunning, brand-specific email marketing templates from scratch. No matter the recipe, we’re sure it will bring success!

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