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35 Halloween Email Examples: Inspiration for Halloween Email Campaigns

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This article was last updated on November 1, 2022

Halloween is around the corner! And since you’ve landed here, you must have started planning your Halloween email marketing campaigns already. If anyone is still wondering why the Halloween buzz is so huge among brands, well… Holidays are the perfect time to get people into shopping mood and boost your sales. Luckily for you, we’ve prepared plenty of Halloween email examples to help you get inspired for your own emails. Let’s start!


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1. By GraphicMama

Cute illustrations, bright colors, a symmetrically designed template. Go for this style if you want to melt your recipients’ hearts rather than creep them out with your Halloween campaign. A great design by GraphicMama promoting Halloween vector graphics and cartoon characters.

Halloween email examples GraphicMama


2. By Jack Threads

This brand has bet on an unique Halloween-themed typography made of bones. A slightly tilted call-to-action button and a hand-written message on the left break the symmetry which makes this template really interesting, boosted also by a powerful usage of visuals.

Jack-Threads halloween email campaign


3. By J.Crew

A simple but witty black-and-white template with a ghost picture in the middle and a bit of the Halloween-typical orange color to highlight the offer.


4. By Pottery Barn

Illustrations are a great way to decorate your template for Halloween. This is what Pottery Barn did to present their Halloween sale offer.



5. By Starbucks

A little spooky but not intimidating, Starbucks used spooky “chalk on a blackboard” illustrations and a Gothic font to convey the Halloween spirit though their template.



6. By Nasty Gal

A really cool email GIF template for Halloween that can give you the creeps and allure you in the same time. The effect almost makes you feel like you are watching a horror movie. Well done!

Nasty Gal halloween campaign


7. By ModCloth

One of the vintage Halloween email examples. ModCloth used the effect of an old photo, then added a few Halloween sketches on top and certainly managed to convey the Halloween spirit.

modcloth email halloween


8. By Loft

Halloween templates don’t have to be creepy to nail the attention. You could build your template based on sweets, bright colors and positive emotions. This is what Loft did.



9. By

A Halloween themed background pattern, gray, black and orange colors. If you don’t know what to do for you Halloween email template, you could never go wrong with these choices.


10. By Clinique

Don’t have much time or room for experimenting? Well, simply change your buttons’ color to orange and add a few Halloween accents. Check out what Clinique did.

clinique halloween email


11. By New Look

A great choice of a background illustration, a fun font, a classic Halloween color scheme and popping call-to-action buttons in the middle – this template certainly impresses!



12. By Hotel Chocolat

If your brand actually offers Halloween products, it would be a great idea to make a spooky photoshoot and use one photo as a hero image.


13. By Home Good

Shades of orange and geometric shapes can create a really bright, fun template. HomeGoods made it a little bit spookier by putting contrasting, stamp-like Halloween elements on top.



14. By Mango

A great idea by Mango is to take your regular product photos and then sketch over them in the spirit of Halloween. Nice job done by Mango here!


15. By Fresh Pick Deals

A great GIF can certainly nail the attention better than a static image. This is one of the Halloween email examples that wasn’t designed in the traditional black and orange colors but it still conveys the Halloween feeling.


16. By J.Crew

Pumpkins! This vegetable is directly related to Halloween, so you can build your entire design around it. This is what J.Crew did for their Halloween sale campaign.


17. By Grandin Road

Watercolor illustrations certainly catch the eye. Plus, they are not very often seen in email marketing campaigns which makes them a really attractive option to go with.



18. By American Eagle Outfitters

This brand’s Halloween email offer was designed by using a spider web and two spiders on a one-color dark background. Besides being elegant, the offer itself is also thematic.

19. By J.Crew

Easy to make at first sight, but really witty when you think about it, this template uses a Halloween-themed background photo and a great copy that goes with it.


20. By Crate & Barrel

One of the Halloween email examples that prove that a great template design can be achieved only when you have high-quality photos of your products.


21. By Whistlefish

Fun, colorful, hand-drawn illustrations can really bring positive vibes and get your recipients into shopping mood.


22. By Jack Threads

This Halloween email template is rather thrilling than cute. Jack Threads bet on creepy, bloody elements. Plus, they added a photo of a pumpkin hitting the ground and breaking.


23. By Moleskine

This brand bet on a creepy background with a rugged texture and Halloween-themed silhouettes on top. Spooky!


24. By Fossil

A really simple but effective Halloween email design using a real product photo and drawings of bat wings and bats on a white background: a simple but well-thought concept.


25. By LOFT

Loft just put glowing eyes on a black background and came up with a Halloween email design: brilliant!



26. By Topman

The Halloween email design by Topman was combined with a special three-day offer. All elements in the design are Halloween themed. We especially like the coffin call-to-action button.


27. By Missguided

Missguided chose a dark-themed template for their Halloween offer, combining it with bloody red call-to-action buttons and creepy photo effects.


28. By Fortnum & Mason

This brand chose one of their products as an accent and complemented the design with a few Halloween illustrations.


29. By Asos

A fun photo shoot, Halloween drawings and an appealing copy – this is what makes Asos’ template one of the distinctive Halloween email examples.


30. By Alex & Alexa

This clothing brand promoted their Halloween themed clothes. So, this fact alone makes this template Halloween themed, as well. In addition, they put a cute little ghost above the primary call-to-action button.



31. By Not On The High Street

The Not On The High Street email features the presence of the zombie silhouette and the color orange convey the Halloween spirit through this brand’s template.


32. By Kohl’s

Kohl made their Halloween template by using the symbolic orange as a background and traditional Halloween candies to depict the offers.


33. By Land’s End

This is one of the Halloween email examples that used a really cool effect for their email campaign: a unique folding of clothes to form the shape of the moon and a ghost.


34. By Accessorize

Great appealing visuals, dripping typeface and buttons – this is what Accessorize focused on for their Halloween campaign.


35. By Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch chose a dark background, a glowing Happy Halloween writing and a Jack-o-lantern face. Noise was added to all elements to create a dramatic effect.



As a rule, people are more inclined to shop during the holidays. Halloween is the perfect time to promote your business and boost your website’s sales, even if your products are not Halloween related.

Hopefully, we managed to inspire you with this collection of Halloween email templates. If you wish, show us your own ideas and creations in the Comments section below.

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