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Tips for Email Marketing Newsletters That Guarantee Open

Reading Time: 5 minutes Let’s face it: a majority of the emails you received are sitting in your inbox right now, unopened. In 2021, the average open rate is only 21.3%, and yet, email open rates are one of the most important variables to look at when measuring the success of your email marketing campaign. It’s…


How to Deal with Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Reading Time: 6 minutes Creating email marketing campaigns can be an impactful way to reach potential and long-time customers, but one thing companies need to watch out for is email marketing mistakes. To err is to be human. We make mistakes. But with marketing emails, errors are experienced on a much grander scale, since there are…

Timing is everything When to send your marketing emails

Timing is everything: When to send your marketing emails

Reading Time: 4 minutes Back in the day, there were a lot fewer options for getting your advertisements in front of your target audience. Sure you could pay for a tv ad or radio spot but demographics for viewership weren’t anywhere near as focused as they are today. Even worse, what if you had the perfect…