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12 Types of Emails You Need to Send To Your Lists

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This article was last updated on June 7, 2021

Keeping an email subscription list active is all about what you send. Make it an ad every time, and your emails will get the same attention you give that banner on the side of your favorite social media page (if you haven’t noticed what those ads are about – there you go!)

The point is to keep your emails different and compelling, which will keep your audience interested and opening them. Once opened, good content will get them clicking and converting as well.

1. Start with a warm welcome

Start with a warm welcome

Start your relationship with new contacts on the right foot with a friendly, welcoming email after they subscribe to your mailing list. This practice does two things: it confirms them as intentional subscribers and allows them to unsubscribe if they signed up in error.

2. Let’s get acquainted

As you acquire new contacts, getting to know more about them helps you target future emails for relevance and interest. This kind of email helps you build tags and segments in your contact list.

If your email tool has a survey tool, this is a great way to gather intel about your contacts. You can also use an option like Survey Monkey and provide a link.

If you are friends with your web developer, you can create a survey by adding hyperlinks to landing pages to ask a few more questions to help segment your contacts. For instance, you may ask questions about the size of the company for B2B sales, or favorite type of shoes for a retail business. Use the data you collect to place those contacts in the right bucket to receive emails tailored to what interests and will most likely convert them.

3. Establish and build your value

Establish and build your value

You hope to gain and keep your contacts as a customer, so you want to show value in your company and what you have to offer. You can add value with a simple tip or inspiration that benefits your customers.  It may include a link or not. You’re just building your relationship with these types of emails without a sales call-to-action.

4. Bring traffic to your website

Blog posts (new and old) are a great way to increase traffic to your website and benefit your SEO. Use your email periodically to alert your audience of a blog that might interest them. If your list is well segmented, you can be selective as to who gets which blog. If you have a massive blog library, don’t hesitate to resurrect some of the older ones and bring them some new life.

Marketers know that these strategies are constantly changing and improving, so keeping up is extremely essential to your traffic.

Fortunately, marketing experts constantly share their insights, tips and also make interviews with successful business owners in digital marketing podcasts.

These are available for everyone and a pretty convenient to listen to while driving to work, drinking your coffee or walking your dog.

5. Exclusive content only for subscribers

Exclusive content only for subscribers

Offer little tidbits of content in your email that your clients won’t get anywhere else. That’s an incentive to stay on the list! If you sell clothing, offer style tips to your clients, or ways to pair some of your product line. If you sell food, entice your audience with tasty recipes using your product.

6. Just ask for it – the art of the soft sell offer email

You have a marketing email list so you can make sales. You’re not fooling anyone, so don’t be shy to ask nicely for their business (without being pushy.) For instance, if it’s the end of the year and you know your B2B clients are lining up their budgets for the upcoming season, it’s okay to ask for a call to discuss how your company can benefit their efforts next year. You can also send them exclusive deals available ONLY to email subscribers. Keep this email a soft sale with no-pressure.

A retailer with an exclusive weekend sale might post an image with the duration of the sale. In this type of email, they resist the urge to say something like “ACT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!” Save that for another email.

7. Now hiring email

Your contacts subscribed because they are interested in your company, and they probably know people who might be a good fit. If you have an opening, release it to your email contacts several days before you post it publically. Sending these emails also sends the subliminal message of your growth and success.

8. Something new – and other grand announcements

If you’ve got a new product or service to introduce, share it with your email subscribers first with an offer to be one of the first to buy. It’s always fun to be first in the crowd to know or acquire the coolest new things.

9. It’s time to reorder or renew

If a subscription is coming to an end or a prior purchase should be running out soon, it’s a great time to send a reminder to make an order to keep from running out of product or missing out on information.

10. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday

Whether it’s the date someone joined your email list or their first purchase, if you’ve got a robust system to keep track of these milestones, it’s an excellent opportunity to build that personal connection with your customer. Add a bonus offer just for them as your way of saying thank you.

11. Testimonials – big win emails

If you just got a fantastic review from one of your customers, it’s perfectly acceptable and encouraged to toot your own horn. Your contacts will appreciate seeing favorable reviews. The more specific, the better traction you will get from a customer testimonial.

12. Favorite tools

This detail may go along with valuable content. Still, if your customers have very similar interests or you offer a service that augments their resources, they may appreciate you sharing some of your own favorite tools and resources to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

On the flip-side, if you sell hair toiletries, share your favorite styling tools. If you sell spices, what are your favorite utensils or appliances? Think “perfect pairings.”

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