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Features your emails must have to convert in 2020

Features your emails must have to convert in 2020

Whether email marketing is new to you, or you have been utilizing email marketing as a significant part of your marketing strategy for quite some time, everyone shares the common goal of having your emails convert to sales this year.

With nearly 4 billion email users in 2020, your chances of converting sales this year are higher than ever. Here are some features you should include in your emails to convert your audience into sales:

Make your emails mobile-friendly

If your emails are not mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on getting your message to half of your audience. Not only are you losing the attention of potentially half of your contacts, but all the time you put into the design and creation of your email goes to waste. This is because 70% of email recipients will immediately delete an email if its’ not mobile-friendly. Let’s be honest. How often do people really open personal emails on a desktop outside of work? Most of the time, users open personal emails the moment they come in thanks to the convenience of smartphones. Your audience is too busy to take the time to read an email that does not fit in with their mobile device. Avoid the worry of having your emails thrown in the trash and take the time to send out mobile-friendly emails.

Message Automation

Think about the last time you signed up for a newsletter. There is a good chance that business sent you a welcome message. Generally, in this message, they welcome you to the newsletter, thank you for subscribing to their newsletter and gives you a chance to confirm your subscription and maybe even offers you a small discount. This practice is known as message automation. Email automation is a powerful feature that you should take advantage of completely. This automation is an excellent opportunity to connect with your customers and attract them to your website.  Additionally, welcome emails have 86% higher open rates than other emails and generate up to 320% more revenue per email. If you’re searching for a simple way to bring in sales, message automation is your answer!

Check out this example of message automation sent by Madewell. This example directs its readers to their website based on the category they want to shop. For instance, if you want to shop women’s apparel, it’s just a click away.

Plain text version

Just about every Email Service Provider (ESP) will allow marketers to deliver emails in plain text format or as HTML. Plain text is excellent in some cases, but it is reserved most often for personal contact. However, if you can, you should offer a plain text version for accessibility purposes. If you are going to use HTML in your email, consider working with MailBakery to ensure that the HTML email is appropriately coded. If there are broken tags in the HTML email, there is a good chance that email providers and users will mark it as spam. Not only will it be marked as spam that one time, but possibly any email you send. Ditch the chances of doing it incorrectly and let MailBakery assist you with properly coded HTML emails.

Wondering what the difference between HTML emails and plain text emails are? Take a look at this example below. The HTML format catches the eye, whereas the other email in plain text looks like any other personal email. If you are looking to convert your emails, it’s pretty clear the HTML emails are the way to go.

Send Promotional Sales Emails to All Subscribers

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes: What would you like to see most from the brands that you receive emails from? Most likely, you want to see promotional emails. Promotional emails can be seasonal emails or emails that include the newest product releases or sales. If you’re wondering just how successful this type of content is, take a look at Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Those two months alone account for 25% of annual retail sales. During the holiday season, almost every retailer ramps up their email marketing strategy to include promotional content in their messages. Who says you can’t send this type of content at other points in the year?

Below is an example of a promotional email from Rumpl. Who doesn’t love a 3-day weekend as an excuse for a sale? Any discount code is destined to bring in sales.

Ask customers for reviews

There’s no doubt about how critical online reviews are. The more reviews you have, the more likely your products are to sell. It’s unlikely you will receive a ton of reviews from customers that complete it on their own, so why not ask your customers? Reviews are a great way to convert sales so that customers can see other customers love the product they are investigating.

Check out this email sent out by Chewy. The email is simple, direct, and enables smooth interaction. The easier it is for customers to leave reviews, the more likely they are to interact.

Send Emails About Back in Stock Emails

Back in stock

Nothing is more disappointing than going to your favorite brand’s website, as you are on a mission to find a product, only to find out that the product is sold out. The chances of your customers checking back on your site to see if an item is restocked are unlikely, so why not do your customers (and yourself) a favor and let your customers know when things are back in stock? If an item sells out, there is a good chance it will sell out again. Take advantage of this desired product and notify your customers when its back on the shelves!

Check out the email above by UNIQLO, the email allows for users to click the link to take them to the item that is back in stock. This way, customers don’t have to go searching through your site to get to the product. Sending out emails of restocked items can also influence other buyers who might have been wanting to try the product but were reluctant. After they have seen that it’s a best-selling product, they might also be more likely to give the product a try.

MailBakery: helping you convert in 2020

Are you ready to convert your email readers into steady sales this next year? With the implementation of these few features, your emails will be a sales-generating power machine!

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