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7 Tips for Keeping Your Email Marketing on Point

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This article was last updated on June 7, 2021

Email marketing is one of the most successful and impactful parts of marketing. Think about it, with the right words, imagery, and timing an email can change a life, influence a purchase, or provide resources. The trouble is keeping your emails in line with the newest trends and industry standards. Look no further. Below, we share our favorite ways to keep your email marketing on point.




1. Check Your Inbox

You read that right. Just as your subscribers receive daily marketing emails, so do you. The emails that you receive can serve as excellent marketing examples. To get the best results, make it a habit to choose a few emails from your inbox and evaluate them. Ask yourself what do you like? What don’t you like? What design or content choices can your company use? You never know what ideas you may come across that open the door to your next great email marketing campaign.


2. Read About Email Marketing Daily

To be an expert on email marketing, you’ve got to keep yourself sharp and in the know when it comes to the marketing industry. The internet is a great wealth of knowledge just waiting at your fingertips, and we recommend you take advantage of it. Learning new tips and tricks will strengthen your email marketing campaigns and keep your marketing strategies relevant. Another way to stay in the know is to subscribe to MailBakery’s blog newsletter. Get the latest on trends and learn helpful tips to enhance your and your reader’s marketing experiences.


3. Mix Up Your Emails

Another tip for keeping your email marketing on point is to mix up the formatting and the content you’re sending out through your emails. For example, when you send out an email every time you announce a new feature or post new content, you may have a format that you follow like a certain number of photos, clever wording, and excerpts of the blog or words from the CEO. If you continue sending the same kind of email, your reader will start to expect it and even go as far as deleting your emails or unsubscribing.

Don’t be afraid to play around with design and layout. Try switching things up and making your emails more interactive. A few interactive elements you can add are asking questions and have the reader click a corresponding button, spin a digital spinning wheel for a prize, or embedding quick links.


4. Encourage Readers to Reply

Emails are much more powerful than your traditional snail mail. Where mail can only be used to inform, emails can open the door to be used for so much more, namely interacting with readers. A way to keep your email marketing on point is to incorporate ways to get customers to interact with your content. Irresistible subject lines, writing in an entertaining voice, providing targeted content, asking for feedback, and punctuating your email with a call to action are a few successful ways to accomplish this.


5. Don’t Overdo It

While some companies send out a daily marketing email, others may not. Spoiler alert: neither approach is a bad one. Although there are no set rules for how frequently or infrequently you should email your subscribers, knowing what’s the best strategy for you depends on your industry and your brand. We often think that sending customers frequent emails means that we’re engaged with them, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you send them too many, it can turn them off, and if you’re too scarce with your emails, they might even forget you exist.


A best practice is to monitor your subscriber metrics for a few months. This will give you insight into their behavior and guide you in the right direction. According to popular CRM HubSpot, the most important email analytics you should track include things like bounce, click-through, and conversion rates, and email sharing, and forwarding rates.


6. Incorporate Accessibility

Approximately 15 percent of the world’s population, or 1 billion people, live with a disability. And within that demographic, 285 million people are visually impaired and possibly use a screen reader. That’s an entire group of people who may miss out on your emails because they’re not accessibility friendly. Incorporating accessible designs and content into your emails might be a little extra work, but it ensures that the visually impaired and the visually able can enjoy your emails.

We often emphasize the importance of using your subject lines to grab your reader’s attention. One way to make it accessible is to use descriptive language. Be sure to keep your words brief, but descriptive, giving readers an accurate idea of what’s in your email. Using this tactic not only helps your readers, but it also increases their overall engagement.

Another tip is to incorporate a responsive design. Some multi-column email templates will resize or reformat the content on the page to allow content to read or display in the same order no matter the device you use. Having a responsive design is crucial for those who use a screen reader because even one sentence out of order can mean a lost subscriber.


7. Test, Test, Test

You may have a successful email template now, but if you want to keep your email marketing on point, you have to test your emails. Be sure to verify that everything is to your liking before sending them off to subscribers. Check that there are no broken or incorrect links, no typos, and look and work in Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and on a host of mobile devices. Forgetting to do so not only appears unprofessional to your customers and negatively affects their engagement.

The best way to learn about the impact of your emails is through A/B Testing. A favorite marketing method, it allows you to compare two different modules and see what your readers like to engage with. This way you, know what works and what doesn’t and ensure a spike in your open and click-through rates.


MailBakery: Keeping Your Email Marketing Campaigns on Point

Keeping your email marketing campaigns fresh and always on point can be difficult, but with the above tips and a little help from the MailBakery team, mastering marketing is a breeze.

Together, we can create an email template that appeals to your subscribers while keeping you in touch with best practices and the latest marketing trends.

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