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Creative Email Ideas for People Who Don’t Like to Write

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We all know that email marketing is by far the most impactful marketing channel a business can have. When fine-tuned, email marketing is an unstoppable force, able to boost brand awareness, conversion rates, generate new leads and nurture them, and ultimately grow your business. When drafting creative email ideas, most marketing departments look to blogging as the choice content format. But, spoiler alert, you don’t always have to write a 1,000 word-plus blog to appeal to customers.

Say that you don’t like to write, or no one on your marketing team has the gift of marketing email gab. Not having the passion or writing skill can make crafting a new email marketing campaign feel like a chore. Many content formats can be used to impress your readers and delight those on your team who aren’t too fond of writing.

Read on to learn of a few tried and true creative email ideas for people who don’t like to write.

Images and Infographics

Perhaps the easiest way to grow your business without writing a monster blog is to incorporate imagery and infographics into your emails. Images can be used to show and tell your customers essential details. In comparison, infographics can display crucial information in a way that’s easy to digest and share with others. Both can also be used as an alternative if the words simply won’t come.

As a fun way to engage your email subscriber list, you can also do a sneak peek of a new product or service you’re going to launch. You decide how few words can be used to excite readers with silhouettes and carefully angled imagery to get your subscribers to predict what they think it might be. After the big reveal, you can use that user-generated content to engage your readers further in a future email and even highlight the best guesses on social media.


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People love quotes. They cannot resist the opportunity to seem introspective or wise. It is in our nature. When trying to think of creative email ideas for people who don’t like to write, consider quotes as a content format to include in your email. Quotes are often short tidbits of wisdom or statistics that further add value to your email marketing campaign.

A bonus is that you should make your quote shareable and incorporate a fun design. That way, if your subscribers find your quote valuable or insightful, they can share it on their social page, alerting others to your sage observations. The quotes they share might even spark a conversation between readers. You can also include a link to a landing page for email marketing sign-ups so that if someone enjoys the quote, they can join the list and receive emails, too.



Just because you aren’t a virtuoso with a pen or keyboard doesn’t mean you can’t share your thoughts and insights through a podcast. In recent years, podcasts have been the “it” content format for consumers. Its appeal is that it gave everyday people a platform to share their expertise on a host of different topics relating to their industry field. Consumers also enjoy them because of their mobility, as some software enables a reader to play the episode right from the email. Even if you don’t have the time to read, chances are you have the time to listen to a 15 minute or hour-long podcast while you’re on the go.

Incorporating your podcast’s latest episode into your weekly marketing emails helps in humanizing your brand, and it enables your subscribers to foster a relationship with your company as they tune in to hear your voice and get to know you. Further increase engagement by teeing up the episode with a short description or story about what they’ll find in the episode.


Quizzes and Surveys

Including a quiz or survey in your email marketing campaign is an easy and fun way to increase reader engagement without much writing. Customers essentially provide the content for you! There are many uses for quizzes and surveys. They can help with customer retention, boost product purchases, and build relationships with subscribers.

It makes for many creative email ideas for those who don’t like to write. If your company sells software or tangible products, you can use a quiz to learn more about what you offer or which product is best suited for their needs. With surveys, you can incentivize customer feedback and use the data you collect to influence the content you include in your emails, as well as ensure your readers find your emails useful.


Social Media Highlights

Social media is a favorite marketing tool for businesses, but it becomes significantly more impactful at appealing to a wider audience when paired with email marketing. Another of our creative email ideas for people who don’t like to write using posts from visual social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when you feature captivating imagery, you often don’t need to say much else. The images tell the story, and all you need is a strategically placed call to action to drive traffic to your website or your social media page.

Suppose your company is active on multiple social media platforms. In that case, we recommend highlighting the most popular posts in your marketing emails to make subscribers feel like they’re missing out on more quality content (the beauty of it is, they are!). They will be encouraged to follow you on your social media accounts, which earns you followers and ensures that they’re always in the know.


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Crafting emails that feature alternative content is an excellent way to explore other ways to reach your target audience, attract more leads, and grow your email list. We hope that our examples gave you a few creative email ideas that don’t require you to write and inspire you to develop more ideas that your team can implement. If you need email templates to accompany your content, look no further than MailBakery. Together, we can create stunning and brand-specific designs that will engage readers and gather leads.

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