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Why Design Matters

Reading Time: 5 minutes Email marketing remains one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. For every dollar spent, you can expect to earn $40 of revenue on average. As email marketing continues to remain the most effective marketing channel, it’s important we dig down deep into every detail. One of the most critical pieces of email…


Our Favorite Email Designs For Summer

Reading Time: 5 minutes Summer is officially here and with that being said, people are stepping away from their computers and phones to enjoy the beautiful outdoors! This means that the emails you send must quickly capture the attention of your readers. Capturing the attention of your readers has always been important, but especially during the…


Best B2B Email Marketing Practices

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the ever-changing world of marketing, there are always new ways to connect with your B2B customers. Social media channels are becoming more and more advanced every day, helping companies to engage with their B2B customers. In this ever-changing world, one thing remains true: Email marketing still remains the most powerful marketing…


Best Practices On Automating Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Reading Time: 5 minutes Email marketing remains one of the most effective channels for your business today. As email marketing continues to become more and more popular, it continues to evolve. Marketers are beginning to add to their email marketing strategy. In addition to newsletters and campaigns, companies are now beginning to set up automatic email…

Email marketing tips Not all subject lines are created equal

Email marketing tips: Not all subject lines are created equal

Reading Time: 5 minutes You can have the best email marketing campaign in the world, but if it doesn’t have a catchy subject line, there is a good chance that the email will never be opened. If you don’t think the subject line is the most important part of your email, think again. Nearly 70 percent…

5 reasons your email campaigns aren’t converting and how to correct it

5 Reasons Your Email Campaigns Aren’t Converting and How To Correct It

Reading Time: 5 minutes Have you noticed a decline in your email open rates? Are fewer customers clicking through your emails? Have you seen a drop in sales? If you notice any of these, it’s easy to get discouraged. You may be wondering what you are doing wrong or if email marketing is still worthwhile in…

Timing is everything When to send your marketing emails

Timing is everything: When to send your marketing emails

Reading Time: 4 minutes Back in the day, there were a lot fewer options for getting your advertisements in front of your target audience. Sure you could pay for a tv ad or radio spot but demographics for viewership weren’t anywhere near as focused as they are today. Even worse, what if you had the perfect…


7 Ways to Use Email Marketing to Stay Relevant in 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutes We have all been there: refreshing our email inboxes to check if the email we have been waiting for has arrived. Maybe it was some good news you were expecting or a discount code to a sale from your favorite retailer. This is recognized as wanted emails. On the other hand, we…